A loud round of applause & superlative words of praise greeted the students of the Millennium School when they took their curtain call after staging Peter Pan at Naatshala on 30th Jan 2016.

Modeled on the original script of J.M Barri’s classic and timeless story the Millennium version was adapted to address current environmental issues pertaining to the city of Amritsar.

The audience was mesmerized when Peter Pan dressed in bright green piloted his flower decked flying machine to land on stage in the opening scene. The special effects continued to awe the audience as Peter took them on a journey into the wonders of Neverland.

Each and every student cast in various roles performed like a seasoned actor. The perfect diction of each child reflected the hard work of the teachers behind the scenes. The students of Millennium School have an edge over students of other schools since English theatre is alive in the school.

The colourful costumes, foot tapping music and creative choreography complemented the acting skills of over sixty children to give us a visual treat. 

Never land was brought to life with enchanting trees, sounds of birds chirping, breathe taking waterfall, clear blue skies, unicorn and blooming flowers.

Hiren Jain’s as Peter Pan was outstanding. The twinkle in the eye combined with his energy helped the audience connect with the celebration of innocence. Divyansh played Captain Hook with characteristic flamboyance. Aditya as Michael, Kashvi as Wendy, Mehrab as Ashley, Kangana as Tinker Bell, Anirudh as John and Laksh as Ben, excelled in their roles.   

 The children who played the stars, fairies, lost-boys, mermaids, red Indians and pirates were impressive. Each actor displayed appropriate expressions to create the character being portrayed. The brightly made up Red Indians with their shining spears were in sync with the tribal music as they danced in celebration. The fight sequence between Peter Pan & Captain Hook was thrilling.

As the final number ‘I won’t grow up’ played I felt like a child myself & wondered if we can ever remain children.

The play sent out tow powerful messages; nothing stays beautiful unless an effort is made to keep it that way and dreams do come true if you wish hard enough.

Till we meet again to review another production this is Minhas bidding you goodbye.


                                                                                                                                                           By--Mrs Ritu Minhas

Sunday, January 31, 2016