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26 Jan 2014
The Millennium School, Karnal, Celebrates Republic Day
The Millennium School, Karnal rejoiced on the Republic Day on 26 January2014 with great enthusiasm. The ceremonial occasion began with the hoisting of the National Tricolour  followed by National Anthem. Many poems were recited by the school children whose hearts were filled with great love for the country. The Constitution Framers, our pride were remembered and their significant role in giving to our country the longest written constitution was recalled. Children sang patriotic songs.
The national pledge was read out which the students repeated. An emotional wave of love and respect for the country touched everyone present there who felt pride in being Indians. At the end sweets were distributed.


23 Dec 2013
Annual Day-2013
The Millennium School celebrated its annual day, Dashavtar, in an auditorium in the heart of the city on Saturday, 21 December 2013. The evening commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest Dr. A.K. Srivastav, Director and Vice Chancellor, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal and the other dignitaries. The school Principal, Mrs. Ratna Dhar proudly read the school annual report for the year 2013, highlighting growth and achievements of the school and its students, both in academics and co-curricular activities. Mrs. Dhar also elucidated the MLS philosophy and vision to the esteemed gathering. In the prize distribution ceremony that followed, winners of various Inter School competitions were awarded. The vibrant atmosphere was overt even before the programme began. An attention-grabbing cultural show with 100% participation of students captured the attention of the audience. The evening observed a multihued collection of dances and musical acts. The school choir captivated the listeners with the poignant performance of the music. The School orchestra played a medley of pieces. The school song drew its inspiring silhouette on the listeners. The students enthralled the audience with a cultural programme entitled Dashavtar. It was an hour long series of extravagant dances intermingled with multilingual vocalizations and audio-visual displays. Acting with the power of pure spiritual goodness the children beautifully portrayed the ten resurrections of Lord Vishnu to eradicate evil forces, to restore dharma and to liberate the devotees from the cycle of births and deaths. It taught us how good triumphs over evil. The audience was engulfed with emotion and got into the characters themselves. The ballet successfully connected with them and brought about compassion. The graceful and synchronized movements of the girls in a well-choreographed Kathak were dazzling. The special surprise was the presentation of Ramleela by the pre-primary kids. The boys of classes VII and VIII stole away the show when they strikingly presented the appearance of Kalki Avtar. They collectively showed that they are all dsperate to bring the most desired change in the world and they are getting prepared for the same at The Millennium School, Karnal. Neerav Pratap Singh, Aasvi Sood, Johnson Singh, Rishiraj Bodh, Anirudh Malik, Sanyam Gupta and Prachita Mahapatra were the star performers. Chief Guest, Dr. Srivastav, in his succinct message enumerated the education system of The Millennium Schools. Appreciating the favourable learning environment and excellent infrastructure of the school Dr. Srivastav reiterated the students to strengthen their associations with environment. He applauded the children for their outstanding performances in academic and extra-curricular activities and encouraged them to pursue hard to their dreams and to develop right thinking and positive attitude that would help them to bring laurels to themselves, their school and their families.  Dr. Srivastav even supported the school for the wide range of activities that are conducted to promote camaraderie and societal awareness in the factual world.


19 Nov 2013
27th District Roller Skating Championship Karnal
27th District roller skating championship was conducted by district roller skating association , karnal 
22 Student of class 1 to 8 of the Millennium school karnal participated in the championship and bagged  Gold medals , 2 silver medals and 10 Bronze medals .
Names of the winner who brought laurels to the school are as follows:
Student Name                       Class                     Medals
Sameer Husain                     VIII                         3 Gold
 Ojas Bansal                          IIIA                         2Gold 
Vanshika Miglani                  IIA                           2 Gold
Pratham Miglani                    III                            1 Silver
Tejas Mehla                          IC                            3 Bronze 
Blossom Chawla                    IB                            1 Silver, 1 Bronze  
Sarvjeet Singh                        IC                            1 Bronze
Sangam Sanchi                       1A                           1 Bronze 
Daksh Saroha                        1A                            1 Bronze 
Abhinav Kanwal                     IIB                           1Bronze 
Kartikay Sangwan                  2A                            1 Bronze 
Manik                                    1A                            1 Bronze 


14 Nov 2013
"In their Shoes" Teachers as Children
Amongst the days of festivity the day that holds a great significance is the ‘Children’s Day’ on November 14. The day coincides with the birth  anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India and so is observed in a grand way in schools .
 In keeping with its endeavour to create ‘Global Citizens,’ the school once again joined hands with the entire country by celebrating the Children’s Day in the school premises. The day was celebrated with the aim of creating attentiveness to promote the well-being of the children, to uplift their social rights and to ensure their better future.
The teachers presented a special assembly  to commemorate the love of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru towards children and to reiterate his faith that education of the children could propel forward the country’s progress. The enthusiasm, fun and fervor of the day could be witnessed when the facilitators presented various cultural items on the theme 'Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.'
The children were guided to the follow values and good principles as were followed by our freedom leaders. The  Principal motivated the children to develop into responsible and valuable citizens by disciplining and celebrating their childhood. The day left its mark in the thoughtful  and enlightening lines when she said ‘Spend time to think and introspect to be able to bring in the change…..which will  change  the face of tomorrow’


31 Oct 2013
LM Celebrates Green Diwali
LM Celebrates Green Diwali
The true spirit of Diwali is in the light it brings.
 May the planting of one tree and saying  “No to Crackers brighten your life with joy and prosperity”.
Little Millennium of TMS, Karnal   celebrated Diwali on  31st October ’2013  in  the school premises.
All the students of LM came dressed up in  traditional Indian wear. They did prayer with decorated “thalis”.  They were told why Diwali is celebrated. Teachers told the children about Green Diwali .
All present there took pledge not to burst crackers this year.
A beautiful corner was set up with Diyas where pictures were taken.
Children exchanged sweets with their friends. They all made beautiful hand made Diwali greeting card for their parents.
Teachers reiterated that all of us should save our environment by each of us planting one tree every Diwali .



28 Oct 2013

 The Millennium School, Karnal held the Inter House Indian Heritage Quiz on 28,October,2013. It was a quiz that focused solely on the Heritage of India.
Through this quiz young minds were encouraged to learn about our tradition and take pride in their heritage. Students from four houses participated in this quiz. Four teams were finally selected after preliminary quizzing in the class. Each team had four members. One from each of the classes V,VI,VII,VIII. The Questions included mythology, history, civics, visual pictures of monuments and people. Children showed great enthusiasm in answering the questions. Prithvi House students were declared as the winners Represented by Sidddharth-V,Deepshikha-VI,Manvi-VII,Sanyam-VIII and Agni House was Runners Up.The Team members of Agni House were Sia-V, Yachna-VI, Rachita-VII, Gaurav-VIII.
The Initiative for a quiz is aimed at bringing awareness of their  heritage and enabled them to take active part in preserving  India’s tradition, heritage and culture.


11 Oct 2013
Dussera Celebrations
Dussera was celebrated on Oct 11, 2013 in the Little Millennium of the TMS, Karnal. On this day the students came dresses depicting various characters from Ramayan. The story of Lord Rama was narrated to them in their classes by the teachers. They listened to the story attentively and responded well to the questions asked at the end of story-telling session.

For more images log on to: www.facebook.com/TheMillenniumSchoolKarnal


08 Oct 2013
FOUNDATION DAY-Special Assembly.
A special assembly was held on 8th October to commemorate Foundation Day. The foundation stone of the School was laid on 8th October, 2010 by the then D.C. Ms Pradeep Neelam Kasni. The other eminent people present at that time were Mr. Ravi Pillai ( the then President , the Millennium Schools) and school management committee members Mr Kunal Bhadu and Vivek Varma.
 At the special assembly students  recalled  the various events of the  previous years from the inception of the school till date.
Students shared their experiences regarding the school in the form of poems.  They also exhibited their talents in different fields like music, yoga and skating . A small quiz was also conducted to test their knowledge regarding the school.
The School Principal, Ms. Ratna Dhar talked about the role of founders in making school a successful place . She also expressed her gratitude towards the people who contributed a lot towards the smooth running of the school and made difference to everyone’s lives.

founders day-OCT.jpg


07 Oct 2013
Katha -Week 2

We started with a new weekly activity called “KATHA” an initiative to take our kids closer to their roots so that they understand our culture, so diverse yet united.
We want to instill in them a sense of pride for the country;India.
“KATHA” will be a weekly activity, where one grandparent will volunteer to share a story tracing back to our traditions and mythology.


05 Oct 2013
Grandparents Day Celebrations

Grand parents are certainly a treasure of love and wisdom...they enrich our lives in manifold ways

Letting  children find their roots, connecting it to the present gives children a sense of unity and completeness. Traditions also serve as a source of wisdom and stability and provide families with a sense of belongings. Family life can be greatly enriched by sharing a cultural background.

Grandparents can provide the necessary link between cultural heritage and present day customs.

Grandparents can be very patient and effective teachers. The knowledge they pass on will last a lifetime.

Grandparents instill in the children the stability of being accepted as they are. That patient, unconditional love can help children learn to trust others, become more independent and take initiatives. This dynamic does wonders for a child 's self-esteem.o check out our facebook page for more details!Like us at: www.facebook.com/TheMillenniumSchoolKarnal




04 Oct 2013
Non- Violence A Way of Life- Special Assembly

Friday, October 04, 2013

Class VB presented a special assembly on the theme of ‘Non-Violence’ in the premises. The students informed the audience about the life of the great leader Mahatma Gandhi ji,  the meaning of the non- violence and its different forms . The kids wonderfully performed an action song depicting the them and gave to the audience  the message of abstaining oneself from the use of physical force against each other.
An interactive session with the audience was conducted by our respected Principal  where she asked from the students about the importance of the responsibility and awareness of citizenship. She further enlightened all present in the assembly about the life of another great leader Lal Bahadur Shastri ji. 
The assembly concluded with a resolution to be polite and courteous to our fellow beings. ‘Non-violence’ was announced as  the value for the month.   


10 Sep 2013
Little Millennium - Shape Race
Little Millennium of TMS, Karnal organized a Relay Race based on the theme ‘shapes’ on 10th September 2013 in the school play ground.
All the children were divided in to different groups and each group ran with different shapes like square, circle, oval, diamond and star in their hands. At the finishing point participants were asked about the shapes which they were carrying.
This Relay race made the concept of shapes very clear for the children as well as increased their interest for sports.
Such kind of innovative activities make children in to life long learner.



30 Aug 2013
TMS,Karnal Celebrate hockey wizard Dhyan Chand's Birthday
Hockey legend Dhyan Chand’s birthday on 29th Aug is celebrated as National sports day in India

TMS Karnal put up weeklong competitive sporting activities to commemorate the day. On the 30th of August exhibition matches were held and prizes were distributed. The children reiterated the importance of sports and sportsman spirit during these weeklong activities.

The competitions were all intra class.

Class I performed Yoga, beautifully and with perfection.

Class II had fun throwing javelins and developed their fine motor skills in the process.

Classes III & IV excelled themselves in two different sports; some skated while others participated in track events. Their concentration and precision movements were applauded by their fellow students.

Class V were engrossed in Kho Kho Matches and had to be very alert.

Classes VI, VII & VIII girls keenly contested in basketball matches whereas boys had the school in an uproar while they played fast and rough matches of football.

The results are as follows:

Ø  Yoga Competition:

1st - Anish Chaudhary- IA

2nd- Adikshit – I B

3rd – Saptrishi- I C


Ø  Javelin Throw:

1st – Arjun Sharma- IiA

2nd- Parth Mehla – II B

3rd – Vikram Jeet Singh –IIB


Ø  Skating Competition:

1st – Raghav Goel - IIIA

2nd- Pratham Miglani - IIIB

3rd – Tanishq Singh –IIIA



Ø  Track event (GIRLS):

1st – Kanika & Amisha- IV

2nd- Shivika & Arzoo- IV

3rd – Varuni & Harnoor –IV

Ø  Track Event (BOYS):

1st – Ishan Preet & Tushar- IV

2nd- Vishvajeet & Sparsh-IV

3rd – Aryan & Aman Hussan –IV


Ø  KHO KHO: Winner Team: VB

Sumit Chaudhary

Tarun Narwal



Harshita G

Jagraj Singh

Lakshita Arora

Nikita Sachdeva

Pritesh S

Sambhav Sharma

Siddharth Chaudhary



Ø  Basketball –(GIRLS): Winner Team: Team A

Deepshika- VI

Gurmeet Kaur – VI

Shivani –VII

Vanya Sharma –VII

Ashima –VI

Jagmeet Kaur –VI

Apramjyot Kaur –VII

Khushman Kaur – VII

Gurleen – VII

Shivali Gupta –VIII

Tannu –VIII


Ø  Football Match(BOYS) : Winner Team : Class VII


Sawan Kumar

Dilawer singh

Yuvraj Virk

Anirudh Singh


Virender Narwal




Dev Sharma



27 Aug 2013
School Trip-Vrindavan & Mathura
vrindavan trip.jpg
The school organized an educational trip from 23rd Aug to 26th Aug for the students of classes IV - VIII to Mathura and Vrindavan, known as Braj Bhumi – the land where Lord Krishna was born and spent his youth. Mathura and Vrindavan are still alive with the Krishna legend, and still sway in fascination to the tune of his flute. Though originally revered as a ‘tirtha’ or holy place on the Yamuna, the town has slowly been separated from the river, and now has around 38 ghats.
24 children of different religions accompanied by 3 teachers visited Raja Maan Singh’s fort in Barsana and the Radha Temple. The entire group completed the 21 km Govardhan parikarma in about 3 hours in autorickshaws.
Adjacent areas of Gokul, Nand Bhawan, Raman Reti, Mathura jail and the newly constructed Mata Vaishno Devi Temple with its beautiful architecture captured the hearts of the children. They learnt to appreciate Hindu architecture.
The children learnt social values as they interacted and became friends with students of other classes. Learning about a religion opened the hearts of the students to appreciate differences.
An hour was fixed every evening for the parents to call their wards on phone so that no one could ever have a feeling of homesickness.
Divinity and peace of Vrindavan and Mathura, the nucleus of Braj Bhumi, or the land of Krishna is something that everyone is going to cherish for long. It is indeed a perfect place where one can find both spirituality and learning.


12 Aug 2013
Teacher’s Training Programme (9th Aug- 11th Aug)
2013-08-09 15.02.44.jpg2013-08-09 15.05.13.jpgIMAG0487.jpgIMAG0469.jpg

The  Millennium School, Karnal organized a three days teacher’s training programmme in the premises from August 9 to 12,2013. The entire programme was divided into three parts namely MLS-I Induction Training, L. M Induction Training and Refresher Training. Three teachers from Millennium Panipat and two teachers from Kurukshetra also attended the training.
The main objective of the training was to orient the facilitators towards the scientifically developed MLS philosophy. The senior facilitators were empowered towards the effective use of teaching methods and strategies in the class. The trainers also guided them about the methods of attaining skill wise development in the child. The facilitators were not only detailed about the implementation of the lesson plan but also about the utility in developing the specified skills. The teachers also learnt about the different types of learners and their assessment through VAK analysis test. The trainers also guided teachers about the important role o f brain in learning and enhancing the skills accordingly. The facilitators were told about the different motivation techniques to make learning meaning and skill based. The very interactive session of the training was the open forum session where each facilitator was given chance to discuss their doubts.
The Administrative Dept. also underwent Induction to MLS as they will be now better equipped to take admission queries and deal with parents. Overall the entire training programme  was successful in achieving the aims.


12 Apr 2013



08 Mar 2013
The Millennium Run to Celebrate International Women's Day

“International Women’s Day”  is celebrated all over the world on 8th March every year. Different events are organized to mark the importance of women in our lives and also they are honored for each and every achievement  and contribution made to change the lives of people around them. The day was celebrated with great pomp and show in the school. The school organized a marathon run to mark the occasion.  The starting point was the Noor Mahal Chowk, Sec-8.The Guest of  Honour Mrs. Santosh Yadav declared the Marathon open. With everyone participating, the event took offon a great note. The participants included three different categories including men, women and children. Proper dress code of Pink was adhered to. The participants were also given caps and refreshments which were sponsered by Liberty and Vodafone respectively. The event was administered under the able leadership of the Principal Mrs. Ratna Dhar and Headmistress Ms. Lata Tejpal. The students also interviewed the guest of honour and were curious to know about the experiences she encountered  while  scaling  the world’s highest peak.  Last but not the least, mementos  were given away to the winners under the three different categories. The event finally ended on a happy note with parents and children all participating with great zeal and enthusiasm.


27 Feb 2013
Enough Success for Everyone
The Millennium School hosted its second leadership workshop on Wednesday, Feb.27,2013 in the school premises . Mr. Mark Parkinson –a renowned educationist- presided over the programme and delivered sessions to inspire the students and the teachers towards ‘Learning the skill to Learn” . The workshop had separate segments and a set layout to make it objective centered and age specific.
Mr. Mark Parkinson, stressed on expanding one’s thinking by seeking ample opportunities to learn and to innovate. He motivated them by drawing a sheer line of contrast between the past, present and future.  He urged them to develop the habit of reading and ensured that it’ll surely lead them to tomorrow’s success. To make the session more interactive, it had audio-visual content and a questionnaire.
The later segment was teacher specific. The teachers were encouraged to pursue advance courses keeping at the base the need and necessity of tomorrow’s generation. They were informed about the different pedagogies used world wide to make learning learner centric. He specifically mentioned that there is enough scope of innovation; the need is to explore the treasure of knowledge. He insisted that each teacher should be an inquisitive learner so as to motivate the learners and leaders of tomorrow. In totality, the workshop was informative and thought provoking.


20 Feb 2013
Traffic Rules Awareness Drive
The Millennium School ,karnal leads in the traffic awareness drive

On 20th February S.P. city Mr. Sushank Anand I.P.S flagged off the traffic awareness drive along with the students of The Millennium School.

    Navyug Nirman charitable trust and Vodafone sponsored the drive. The students stopped vehicles near Nirmal kutia and gave stickers to those vehicles who were not following traffic rules such as not wearing seat belts or helmets.Reflectors were given to slow moving vehicles who did not have them.

    Although people are aware of traffic rules yet some how they tend not to follow them.

    The Principal,staff and students were appreciated by the S.P. city for this drive.


09 Feb 2013
Second Sports Meet
Olympic silver-medalist Sushil Kumar inaugurates basketball court at The Millennium School, Karnal.

Olympian interacts with students; tells them what it takes to be a winner

Karnal, 9th February, 2013: The Millennium School (TMS), Karnal hosted the official inauguration of its basketball court today.

Gracing the occasion as the chief guest was renowned freestyle wrestler and silver medalist at the 2012 Olympics, Sushil Kumar.
Following the inauguration of the court there was a friendly inter-house match and a relay race. Having an inspiring sportsperson amongst them, the students put in their best in the competitions. As a part of the elaborate programme there was also a dance performance by school children.

Sushil Kumar congratulated the winners and commended the spirit of all the participants. He also appreciated the efforts put in by the school staff and talked about the importance of cultivating interest of students in sports.
Later, the students had an interaction with the Olympian on ‘What it takes to be a winner’. The students were a curious lot full of questions ranging from the diet needs to generating mental strength for such competitions. Sushil Kumar gave them a number of good suggestions and provided insight into preparation, discipline, practice and mental strength. This interaction was a part of the school’s initiative- ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’. As a part of this initiative the school organises interactions with leaders from across fields to give the students a firsthand account of journey of winners. 

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Ratna Dhar, Principal, The Millennium School, Karnal, said, “We are proud to have our basketball court inaugurated by Mr. Sushil Kumar. He is an inspirational figure for the entire nation and our students look up to him. Now with the basketball court open to all, the students can explore their interest in the sport. This is one step in the direction of providing our students with every necessary facility to hone their talents.”

About The Millennium School, Karnal:

Set up in 2011, The Millennium School (TMS), Karnal is part of a country wide chain of schools leveraging the Millennium Learning System, India’s most advanced school education system. The Millennium Schools have established themselves as a premier model for new generation schooling across India and are supported by Educomp Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd., India’s largest education company as its pedagogy partner. In a brief span of two years, TMS Karnal has come to be recognized as a trendsetter in the school education space, standing out for its academic excellence, innovative technology adoption, sports facilities and co-curricular activities. TMS’s advanced learning system is oriented to help each child build on their core strengths while providing critical exposure that allows them to take informed decisions and excel in their chosen vocation. A conducive teacher-student ratio and a highly-motivated team of educators have positioned The Millennium School Karnal as the school of choice for progressive parents.

For further information, please log on to: www.themillenniumschools.com


26 Jan 2013
Adventure Carnival

The Millennium School, Karnal, gives the city a taste of adventure

Adventure Carnival organised by school gets an overwhelming response

Karnal, 26th January, 2013: The Millennium School (TMS), Karnal, hosted its Adventure Carnival today.

The Adventure Carnival was one of a kind in the city of Karnal and attracted people in huge numbers. The camp saw children trying their hands at an expansive range of activities like hot air balloon rides, river crossing, commando crawl, face painting, horse riding, rock wall climbing, robotics, tram pulling bungee and a lot more. All safety measures were in place to ensure that children and their parents could focus on all activities and have fun without any fear. Children seemed thrilled to be allowed this opportunity to indulge in such interesting activities right inside their school!

The students of the school also used the occasion to draw attention of the commoners to the state of girls in the country. The students presented a nukkad natak ‘Save the Girl Child’ which highlighted the stark bias in society about the girl child and underlined the crucial responsibility of everyone to address the issue. Mesmerized audience members were all praise for the students and the play and admitted that it was the duty of all members of society to carry the message forward.

The parents were a proud lot. One of the parents visiting the carnival said, “Its wonderful to see a school create such opportunities for the students. An Adventure Carnival such as this can go a long way in building the character of a child, making them courageous and confident.”

Talking about the Adventure Carnival, Ms. Ratna Dhar, Principal, The Millennium School, Karnal, said, “We are very happy that the Adventure Carnival has been a great success. It gave the children a taste of adventure in a controlled environment. At Millennium School, it is our endeavour to provide our children with different platforms and range of activities that test their mettle and gives them a chance to hone their talents and unlock their potential.”

About The Millennium School, Karnal:
Set up in 2011, The Millennium School (TMS), Karnal is part of a country wide chain of schools leveraging the Millennium Learning System, India’s most advanced school education system. The Millennium Schools have established themselves as a premier model for new generation schooling across India and are supported by Educomp Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd., India’s largest education company as its pedagogy partner. In a brief span of two years, TMS Karnal has come to be recognized as a trendsetter in the school education space, standing out for its academic excellence, innovative technology adoption, sports facilities and co-curricular activities. TMS’s advanced learning system is oriented to help each child build on their core strengths while providing critical exposure that allows them to take informed decisions and excel in their chosen vocation. A conducive teacher-student ratio and a highly-motivated team of educators have positioned The Millennium School Karnal as the school of choice for progressive parents.

For further information, please log on to: www.themillenniumschools.com















23 Dec 2012
Annual Day

The Millennium School, Karnal
Annual Day

The Millennium School, Karnal celebrated its 2nd Annual Day Function on 23rd December 2012. Honourable Speaker, Haryana Legislative Assembly Mr. Kuldeep Sharma had very kindly consented to be the chief guest for the day. The other guests of honor were esteemed Deputy Superintendent of Police, Karnal, other dignitaries, parents and media people. The school wore a festive look and presented a feast for the eyes, by presenting the cultural burlesque of melody and ballet to mark its Annual Day function. The entire campus was adorned with the eye catching decoration and rangoli.
This musical extravaganza- ‘Impressions-Fantasies of Life’ included many music and dance based performances. The school academic coordinator made a humble beginning by a warm & heartfelt welcome speech. The ceremony commenced with the bouquet presentation and auspicious lighting of the Deepshikha- the lamp of knowledge by all the guests. The programme was ushered in by a welcome song which was a wonderful fusion of eastern & western cultures by a harmonious blend of music and rhythm. It was followed by the school orchestra where over forty five students performed in unison in a beautiful blend of western and Indian rhythm, ragas and instruments. Audience tapped their feet with the rhythm of the enthralling performance by the Little Millennium kids who tastefully performed and stole the entire show. They gave a melodious performance on the tunes of western music and enchanted the audience by their talent, and set the evening rolling. The most riveting performance was the dance drama based on the famous story of ‘Aladdin and Genie’.  The dance performance portrayed an assortment of dances from across the world. The drama exuded opulence and grandeur of various dances from across the world. Yet another captivating performance was that from the Robotics Department of the school. It highlighted the brimming talent of our young scientists. Their latent talent added to the fervor of the evening with an amazing enthusiasm and zeal accompanied with lots of applause. The Headmistress Ms. Lata Tejpal addressed the gathering with her views about the progress of the school which brought more clarity on the futuristic vision and mission of the school. She presented the school report tracing the progress made in the last year and said that during its first of existence, the school has taken long strides and has made commendable progress almost in every field. She even highlighted the laurels earned by the students.The Chief Guest Mr. Kuldeep Sharma gave away the prizes. The students were awarded Mementos and Certificates. As each winner received a prize, he/she was loudly cheered by the audience. Mr. Sharma congratulated the prize winners and wished them all success in life. He showered his blessings and applauded the staff and the children for their laudable efforts and encouraged them to take active part in extracurricular activities besides excelling on the academic front. He also complimented them for achieving excellence in a short span of just one and a half year.
The programme rose to a final crescendo with the grand finale and ended in a beautiful resonance lingering in the minds of everyone. This highly appreciated event concluded with a vote of thanks. Last but not he least singing of the national Anthem marked the end of the day and a sumptuous snack at the end of the function was a delight o all. 


13 Oct 2012
Robotic Lab Inauguration
Report of Inauguration of Robotics Lab in The Millennium School, Karnal on 13th October’ 2012
 On 13th October’2012, ROBOTICS LAB was inaugurated in The Millennium School, Karnal. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Mr. Shashank Anand, SP,  Haryana.  Other dignitaries were also present to grace the occasion. After the Curtain Raiser Mr. Anand   lighted  the lamp. He congratulated the students and all the guests present on the occasion.
Robotics which is based on  high- end technology called Artificial Intelligence is a key subject to catalyze the development of our budding scientists. The students welcomed the guest with a mesmerizing welcome song. Colourful rainbow of two dances was also presented by the kids. Mr. Shashank Anand appreciated the efforts put up by the kids and the staff. Winners of Drawing and Skating Competition were appreciated. In the end Vote of thanks was proposed  to all the Dignitaries by the Millennium family and expressed our unending efforts towards success in all aspects.


19 Nov 2011
Aakriti + Book Fair + Exhibition + Global Young Reporter Event
19 November 2011 was the day full of fun filled activities at The Millennium School, Karnal.


1) School organized ‘‘Aakriti’’, an inter school art competition in which 9 schools participated in events like Pot Decoration, Poster making, landscape and still life. However the most exciting part of the event was the competition between the invitee teachers. The judge Dr. Gurcharan Singh had a real battle choosing the winners. Our school won the overall winner trophy.

2) A Book Fair was also organized in the school premises. The parents felt excited to witness the fair and participated actively by purchasing the books.


3) An exhibition was also put up by the RTW teachers displaying the innovation and creativity of the tiny tots. Parents felt exhilarated when they saw their kid’s creations on the display.

4) The day also witnessed the Reflections-III, school was full of visitors and this was the best time to carry out the fourth ISA activity- Global Young Reporter Event. The children were trained under the able guidance of Ms. Rajni Malik. They prepared various props like camera, microphone etc. & acted like journalists collecting information from parents about the Reflections, Fair Exhibition and Competition. The young reporters were appreciated by all and they got full support from the parents who were over-whelmed by the activity as they had never seen such an activity being carried out in any school.


17 Sep 2011
Reflections II
'Reflections II' was held on 17 September 2011 to declare the results of the second summative assessment. It was actually a two way process where both parents and teachers exchanged the habits, interests and aptitude of children.


14 Sep 2011
Hindi Diwas
To enhance the awareness and significance of Hindi as our national language the staff and students of The Millennium School, Karnal organised The Hindi Divas on the 14th of September 2011.Principal Mrs. Kiran Soni presided over the function and in her speech made everyone aware of the reason to celebrate the Day when Hindi written in Devnagri script was adopted as our official language on the 14th of September 1949. A Special Assembly was organised by the school children. To inspire our young poets a Bal –Kavi Sammelan was organised under the able guidance of our Hindi teacher Ms. Shubhra Bhardwaj. Children recited various poems on topics like child learning issues, to highlight the importance of the Hindi language. Our young poets received an overwhelming response from the audience. The Headmistress Ms. Lata Tejpal   applauded the efforts of the students. She also stressed the need to rejuvenate the language which is the symbol of our cultural heritage and national integration.


10 Sep 2011
Grandparents' Day
Grandparents' Day was celebrated in The Millennium School campus on the 10 September 2011 with the aim of strengthening relationships between generations and  to signify the spirit of love and respect towards our grandparents who are generally forgotten in the fast pace of life. Hence every effort was made to recognize the contribution made by them towards the betterment of the younger generations. Principal Mrs. Kiran Soni welcomed all the dignitaries present there. To bring out the real essence of the day the grandparents were involved in various fun-filled activities such as 'Lucky One' ,'Antakshree', etc. But the most enthralling was the 'Ramp Walk' done by the grandparents. And undoubtedly all this helped in removing stress and sense of isolation. They were also given every opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences and hopes.  Prior to the function the children were made to create a collage related to their likings towards their grandparents.   Many days of rehearsals became fruitful when on the 'D – Day' well choreographed children set the stage in fire and left the audiences spellbound. A discounted health package ,sponsored by SRL Religare, was also offered  to our invited senior citizens however B.P. and Blood Sugar tests were done free of cost . Headmistress Ms. Lata Tejpaal proposed vote of thanks to grandparents and Religare personnel. The programme concluded with Hi-tea and refreshment.


05 Sep 2011
Teacher's Day
Teachers’ Day was celebrated on The Millennium School, Karnal campus to commemorate the birthday of one of the great philosophers of India, Dr. Sarwapalli Radhakrishnan,who was a staunch believe of education and was one of the most well known diplomats ,scholar President of India  and above all a great teacher . The programme started with paying homage to Dr. Radhdkrishnan’s portrait by all the staff members. A Special morning assembly was conducted by class IV children where they laid stress on the importance of teachers in the life of an individual –academically as well as morally. They beautifully conveyed the message that they care for their teachers just as their teachers do for them. Children depicted how the traditional people in India gave tremendous respect and honour to teachers. They beautifully recited an old saying that ranks teachers equivalent to God. It was followed by a cultural bonanza.The cultural items were fully planned and choreographed. The young performers set the stage on fire through their spellbinding performances. The celebration concluded with certain fun activities involving teachers. All these activities and games helped the teachers to forget their tension and go down the memory lane back to their childhood. Even if it was a simple celebration, it reflected the fact that children care for their teachers. It was an indeed an unforgettable experience. And by the time teachers were involved in the fun filled activities the children were kept busy in a Creative Fiesta where they were given a creative and a healthy outlet to enhance their dexterity and motor functions. Not to mention teachers were offered sumptuous lunch and beautiful gifts by the school management.


12 Aug 2011
Independence Day

The Independence Day of any country is a moment of pride and glory. On this special occasion, rich tributes are paid to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives and fought to free their motherland. We celebrated the Independence Day on 12th of August, 2011 i.e. Friday with patriotic fervour.

There was 100% participation of students which made this function very special. Enthusiasm could easily be felt among parents who were enjoying the echoes of patriotic songs and lovely performances by the students.

The function was a great success and the parents were really happy about it.

Although the flag was hoisted in the school premises on 15th of August, 2011. All the staff members were present. Few parents also joined us with kids. Sweets were distributed and it all ended with National Anthem.


18 Apr 2011
Founder's Day
It has been a ritual in The Millennium Schools to consider the parents as the founder of the school. So in respect to that Founder’s Day was celebrated for all those who contributed their bit directly or indirectly for the school. The chief guest Mrs. Geeta Bhukkal, the Education Minister was welcomed by Mr. Ravi Pillai, President, The Millennium Schools, Mr. S. C. Baveja, Director, The Millennium School, Karnal. Mr. Kunal Bhadoo, Mr Vivek Varma and Mrs Sarita Bhandari, DEO, Karnal were also present on this occasion. Other distinguished guests were Mrs. Kaul, Director, Mrs. Sumita Singh, MLA, Karnal, Mrs. Asha Hooda and Mr. Ahlawat DC, Panipat.


13 Mar 2011
Adventure Camp !!!

With a view to promote holistic education among children, The Millennium School has been introducing several unique initiatives for school children and parents alike. In line with this, the school organized an Adventure Camp on Sunday 13th of March 2011 at the Gymkhana Club, Karnal.

The Adventure Camp was one of its kind and included activities like Money Crawl, Tarzan Leap, Commando Net, Flying Fox and much more. Fashion Show was a huge crowd puller and got children of all ages dressed as their favorite super toon and super hero on the day. Various activities and events were performed on the stage like magic show, puppet show. Balloon shooting and tattoo making was a lot of fun for children and parents alike. The children also got a chance to explore their creative side thorough various activities like Digital Wall, Painting and much more.

Speaking to the media on the occasion, Mr SC Baveja, Director, The Millennium School Karnal said the adventure activities encourage students to understand the harmony between body and mind and how important it is to maintain this harmony to live a pressure free and content life. It also tests their level of motivation, concentration and endurance and helps them improve on these levels.

The response to the event was overwhelming with as many as 400 kids and over 1000 parents participating in the adventure and fun activities over the daylong event.


27 Feb 2011
Coffee Morning
The Millennium School organized a Coffee Morning for the parents of Karnal for an interactive session on the progress of the school at the school premise on a bright and sunny February morning.

The highlight of the event a unique parenting theatrical performance from the Research & Development team of Educomp Solutions titled: Bade Bhai Sahab. The parents also had a chance to interact with the school team about the planned sports infrastructure for the school in the coming session.


26 Jan 2011
My India .. My Pride !
A Day to Celebrate India's Republic Day and Identity Attainment at The Millennium School Karnal. The school was privileged to host freedom fighters: Shri Khushi Ram, Shri Balkar Singh and Shri Darshan Singh at the school premises as chief dignitaries for the occassion.

The school also organized various competitions for the children of Karnal based on the theme of 'My India .. My Pride!'. Other activities included, hand painting, singing competition, drawing and painting competition for children across categories. 

All in all, a fun filled patriotic day celebrated by the school with the parents and children of Karnal.


16 Jan 2011
WhizKids - A Motivational Workshop for the parents of Karnal
A special motivational workshop for parents titled “The making of next generation-WHIZ KIDS” was organized at Karnal by The Millennium School today. The Workshop offered a penetrating insight into the multidimensional approach towards effective parenting to over 450 participant parents.

In a clear departure from the practice of having lectures and addresses at such workshops, this workshop, instead, focused upon the challenges and issues vital to parents through power packed interactive seminar.


10 Dec 2010
Press Conference
The Millennium School, Karnal organized a press conference on December 10th, 2011 to embark its presence in Karnal. The chief guest Dr. Bindu Rana was like a window to MLS i.e. Millennium Learning System, a unique system which helps in holistic growth of a child. A lot of queries were solved and media persons were quite happy to know about several unique attributes of The Millennium School.


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