An annual excursion is organized for students for every academic session. Further, the school organizes planned visits to various places to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.

The Millennium school believes very strongly in the educational value of well planned visits and is a firm supporter of outdoor education. An educational trip is an off-campus learning activity that brings excitement and adventure to learning. A well planned field trip is an ideal way to introduce new skills and concepts to children, reinforce ongoing lessons and influence the learning potential. The school outings are driven by:

• Curriculum

• Life Skills

• Outdoor leadership skills

School organizes adventure trip every year to places located near beautiful mountains, surrounded by dense forests. Plethora of adventure activity provided to the children get the adrenalin pumping . . Children can develop skill in camping and emphasize team work. The flight simulator at PUSHPA GUJRAL SCIENCE CITY, KAPURTHALA gave a thrill ride to a children. The laser show virtual world and wonders of the universe in the dome theatre was the most enjoyable. Trip to Mathura and Vrindavan opened the heart of the student to appreciate both spirituality of learning