Dear Parents, Teachers and Students,

Every new beginning comes with new challenges, opportunities and hopes – hope for betterment, refinement, learning of new dimensions and collaborative efforts.

Changes in life are evitable and the same is true for schools too. In our quest for excellence and perfection, we incorporate changes in pedagogy, curriculum and policies. We hope that such changes are appreciated and welcomed by all. Perfection cannot be achieved in a day, but constant and honest efforts always lead to success. And, this is what we are trying in the school.

I take this opportunity to congratulate you all on becoming a part of KED education system. A tie-up of TMS Karnal with Kunskapsskolan India was announced by our worthy Chairman – Mr. Kunal Bhadoo on 21st November, 2018. As a part of Kunskapsskolan India, we now offer a formidable child centric learning environment where we celebrate uniqueness in every child.

Under the guidance of educators from Kunskapsskolan we at The Millennium School, Karnal are laying a lot more emphasis on 21st Century Life Skills such as critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication, time management, empathy and interpersonal relationships.

The sooner we understand the importance of these 21st Century Life Skills, the better it would be. Hence, it becomes important for us all to understand the necessity of 21st Century Life Skills. We have to realize that these skills can be incorporated in the curriculum without disturbing its basic framework. I assure you that the school will not leave any stone unturned in providing safe, happy and conducive environment for the holistic development of the students.

Wish you all a very happy year ahead and look forward to your constant participation and cooperation to the school.

With warm regards,