Learners of Little Millennium went to visit Fire Station,  Police Station and Gurudwara on 7.9.19 under the theme  "Neighborhood ". First they visited Fire station therefireman showed them all the different equipment and emergency vehicles . Children  rode in the fire truck , they learnet how to use the water hose . Then they visited Police station .The kids were introduced to the concept of Police, their role and importance, their work place.They were shown the Police jeep , control room , lock up etc  .They were told to respect and be thankful to the Police  as well as Fire fighters as they are striving for our safety and welfare. Than they went to Gurudwara to take blessings of almighty .Learners covered their head with scarves & washed their feet.Children were involved in a small prayer .The learners  were delighted to receive the Prasad.It was a pleasant and an enriching experience for the children . They all enjoyed the day.

Saturday, September 7, 2019