The Millennium School, Kurukshetra took the students of classes VII and VIII to Prerna Old Age Home, Kurukshetra to share quality time with the elderly people. All the students were welcome by them very warmly. As they reach there, the purpose of this rendezvous was discussed. All the students served the meals to them and gifted  the edibles brought by them from their home.  The students interacted and exchanged their affectionate feelings with them; and got their blessings.  The students entertained them by their songs, bhajans and dances.  Each of the learners had a heart to heart talk with all the members there. Mrs. Renu Khugar, the president of the old age home, explained to the students that our grandparents are the asset of our heritage. They are the source of preserving the Indian values and culture. No family is complete without them. But unfortunately the system of the present day is deteriorating and each being is becoming materialist. Hence, it has become quintessential to have the shadowy presence of these elderly people in order to transcend the ideals to the coming generations.The students learnt the importance of grandparents in a family. The little exemplary endeavour of the young donors was acknowledged and appreciated wholeheartedly by one and all.  All the members were emotional at the moment of leave-taking. Principal Dr. A.K. Singh appealed to the students to always respect the elderly people and to learn values from them to lead a successful and meaningful life.  They were encouraged to keep the spirit of sharing and learning always high to sustain the true Indian philosophy of ‘Vansundhara Kutumbkam’ in the modern scenario.

Thursday, August 8, 2019