LEMONADE PARTY (20/07/19) – To beat the heat in the scorching summer, students of Emerging Wings, at the Millennium School, enjoyed a refreshing lemonade party in the school premises. Teachers demonstratedstudents the process of making lemonade which the children learned nimbly. It gave them a hand on experience of making a glass of lemonade in no time. They were asked to stir sugar in water and then squeeze lemon into it. To enhance the taste, salt and pepper was added to it. This healthy drink was relished by all the children and staff members. Toddlers enjoyed this activity to the fullest. The idea behind this was to make the little ones understand the health benefits of drinking lemonade in summers.
MANGO PARTY (20/07/19) – It was a perfect day to celebrate the season of King of Fruits at the Millennium School, Lucknow. A Fun- filled learning opportunity in the form of a mango party was organised where the tiny tots were clad in the shades of yellow. Children actively participated in a treasure hunt where they had to search for mangoes concealed in boxes. Students shared and relished variety of dishes such as mango shake, juice, frooti and sliced mangoes. This developed their motor and language skills and they also learnt that ‘sharing is caring’. Overall, it was a delectable day for the students of ‘Ready to Fly’ as they came to know about different characteristics of mangoes and its various kinds.
Monday, July 22, 2019