It was a dream, transformed into reality, when we saw our daughter Subhashree (Class III-B) with her testimony" Student of the Month" on 28th Feb,2015. 
She hugged us and literally started dancing.Though, she could not express due to her speech problem, but we noticed the sense of ecstasy and happiness coming from her innocent expression. We could not stop our tears to see her happy within-the core of her heart.
I could not sleep the whole night, thinking whether it was a dream or real thing. This is the blessings of The Millennium School - Meerut towards both of my daughters, who are congenitally hearing impaired. Truly speaking TMS is not a school for us, rather it is a temple of learning, which is inspiring inclusive education in true passion and spirit.
We are grateful and deeply indebted to the school for its creative curriculum, reflective pedagogy, scientific evaluation system and of course understanding the innate abilities of each and every student. This is brilliant.
Long live TMS,

Dr. D.K.Giri and Mamta(Parents)