Activity Circular-Jan 2017

19th January 2017

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Greetings from The Millennium Team!                                            Circular No.16-17/TMS/30

Theme Of the month: Plants

Month – January

Classes- Little Millennium

20th January 2017 – Visit To A Garden: Garden is a natural learning environment for the students. It is a quiet, peaceful place and is indeed a living classroom. Children will visit the School Garden to learn more about Nature and their surroundings.

24th January 2017 – Flower Shop: To learnabout different varieties of flowers, a Flower Shop of Artificial Flowers will be set up by the Facilitator. The Students will order and deliver flowers to their classmates.

25th January 2017 – Freedom In Mind:The Students will celebrate Republic Day to show their love for the Nation. They will come dressed in Tri-Colour Clothes.

27th January 2017 – Plantation Day: ‘When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of Peace and Hope. Plantation Day will be celebrated to create awareness that the Students can play a role in protecting the environment through personal involvement. Students need to bring a pot of 6-8 inches with a sapling of any plant.


Theme Of the month: Peace


Classes- I-.V

24th January 2017 – Country Cards (Class V) – ISA Activity: The Students of Class V will prepare Country Cards of India and Germany. They need to collect the information about the Physical Features of these countries and present it in the form of Flash Cards.

25th January 2017 – Card Making (Classes I-II): The Students will celebrate Republic Day to show their love for the Nation.

The Students of Classes I & II will prepare a Card and write a slogan to express their Patriotic feelings.

The Students of Classes III - IV conduct a Special Assembly.


Theme Of the month: Peace


Classes- VI-XI

23th January 2017 - Letter To Future Self – Classes VI – VII: Writing a letter to yourself gives you insight and teaches you valuable life lessons that will stick with you long afterwards. The Students will write a letter to themselves as the way things might be in the future in their own lives by listening to their own thoughts.

24th January 2017 – Brochure Making – Class VI – ISA Activity: A Brochure is an informative paper that can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. The Students of Class VI will design a colourful and informative Brochure for the tourist places in India and Norway.


24th January 2017 – 3D LapBook – Class VII- ISA Activity:  A LapBook generally consists of a Paperboard Folder such as a File Folder with small pieces of folded paper glued inside. These folded papers may contain facts, diagramsillustrations, etc .To enhance the Creativity and Critical Thinking, the Students will prepare 3D LapBook on Flora and Fauna of India, Norway and Germany.


Warm regards,


Ms. Madhu Tandon                                                                                       Mrs. Rachna Sharma

Principal                                                                                                          Headmistress



Thursday, January 19, 2017