August 17, 2013 was a great day in the annals of ‘THE MILLENNIIUM SCHOOL’ as our institute took the initiative to host the Inter School Competition ‘Alankaran 2013’ with great exuberance and enthusiasm. The students from about twenty schools including the host school partook in the competition to showcase their enlivened fanciful talent and creativity. Dr. Neelima Gupta, Assistant Professor Fine Arts Department, Ismail College graciously consented to judge the competition. The competition was divided into four categories. It was mandatory for the schools to have one participant from each class. The first category comprising of ‘Tearing and Pasting’ competition was for the students of class Nursery to Kindergarten.The tiny-tots gleefully participated and exhibited their talent. The students of classes I to III participated in the second category comprising of ‘ Best Out Of Waste’ competition. The young prodigies made eco-friendly items. in the third category of ‘Rangoli Making competition’ , students of classes IV to VI partook and made mellifluous rangolies on the different topics such as Shades Of Freedom, Happy Life In Jungle and Bonds Of Love. The fourth category comprising of ‘Rangoli Making’ included the students of classes VII to IX. The students unleashed their creativity on the different topics as ‘Life in the Forest’, ‘Incredible India’ and ,My Idea of Peace’.

The event came to close with the result declaration. In the first category of ‘Tearing and Pasting competition’, the first prize was bagged by Delhi Public School ,the second prize was won by Millennium Public School and Dayawati Modi International was given a consolation prize.

The first prize in the second category of ‘Best Out of Waste, was annexed by The Millennium School, the second prize was bagged by Dayawati Modi International and The Millennium School got the consolation prize.

In the third category of ‘Rangoli Making’, the first prize was won by The Millennium School and the second prize was bagged by Delhi Public School and Dayawati Modi Academy –I got the consolation prize. In the fourth category of ‘Rangoli Making’ Millennium Public School got the first prize, The Millennium School got the second prize and Delhi Public School got the consolation prize.

The Honourable Judge, Mrs. Neelima Gupta and the esteemed Principal, Ms. Madhu Tondon appreciated the budding talents for their zealous participation and motivated them by their words of wisdom that winning or loosing doesn’t make a difference only participation counts.

Saturday, August 17, 2013