September 2015 Circular

1st September 2015                                                                                       Circular No. 15 – 16 /TMS/  14                        

Dear Parents / Guardians,                                   

Greetings from The Millennium Team!                                                                  

Theme Of the month: My Neighbourhood

Classes-Little Millennium

Activities for the month:

3rd September 2015: Chalk Board Race: To enable the child to demonstrate balance and control while running towards a specified point, a Chalk and Board Race will be conducted.

9th September 2015: Mera Parichay: Hindi Diwas will be celebrated to show the significance  and importance of Hindi. It is an initiative to ensure mass participation of the children. This will provide a platform to the Students to develop their communication skills and build up their confidence. The Students will introduce themselves in Hindi. Parents are requested to help their ward for the same.

15th September 2015: Doctor Doctor (Role Play):Students will do a Role Play on People Who Help Us.
The Students are to come dressed up as Doctors and enact like them. Parents need to help their ward to learn two lines for the same,.

21st September 2015: Keep Your Surroundings Clean: To spread the message of Cleanliness and raise awareness about it’s need, an initiative will be taken by the little one’s. The Students need to bring a duster  for the activity so that they can clean their own tables and chairs.  

24th September 2015: Place Your Order: TMS believes in Learning By Doing. To provide first hand experience and  build up confidence the Tiny Tots will be going for a Field Trip.The Students will visit Bigggies, place an order for themselves and pay for it on their own. The trip is planned during the school hours. The Students need to bring Rs 50/- to buy things of their choice. Parents need to send the duly signed  Consent Form by 10th September 2015.

30th September 2015: Polka Dots Party: It’s time to have fun. Students need to wear a dress with Polka dots. Parents are requested to send some yummy snacks(round in shape) in the lunch box to help their ward enjoy the  Party.

Warm regards                                      


Rachna Sharma                                                                                                  Madhu Tandon


Academic Coordinator                                                                                       Principal

Wednesday, September 2, 2015