What is the admission process?

The parents would have to register the child (online / in the school office) for the age-appropriate class and submit documents accordingly. On completion of the registration process, parents will be invited for an interaction with the Principal. Admission will be confirmed on the payment of the fees.

What is the fee structure? (Please provide these details)

Annual Fee Structure- 2016-2017

Registration and Prospectus Fee Rs. 300/-
Admission Fee Rs. 20,000/- NON REFUNDABLE
Security Rs. 6,000/- REFUNDABLE
Annual Charges Rs. 10,000/- PAYABLE EVERY YEAR
Monthly Fee Rs. 3950/- per month (Playway to X)
Rs. 4250/- per month (Class XI – Class XII)

Does the school provide transport? 

Yes, school transport is provided for Mohali, Kharar, Kurali, Chandigarh, Zirakpur.

What are the charges for transport and uniform cost as well? (Please provide these details)

Transport Charges:

1. Transport (Rates mentioned are till end of Sept).

i. Transport Commitment Fee Rs. 1000 (one time nonrefundable) (one time commitment fee towards transport)

ii. Rs. 700/- for Mohali (1) (Sec 67, NIPER, JalVayuVihar, DPS)

iii. Rs850/- for Mohali(2) (Phase 3, 4, 5, 7 to 11,Sector 66, 68 to71, 64, 74, 78 to 82 & 110)

Iii Rs.950/- for Mohali (3) (Phase1, 2 & 6)

iv. Rs. 950/- for Chandigarh (1) (Sector 42 to 54, Sector 31 to 36)

v. Rs. 1050/- for Chandigarh (2) (Manimajra, Sector 19 to 30, Sector 7 to 18, 37to 41& Punjab Univ.)

vi. Rs. 1000/- for Kharar

vii. Rs. 1100/- for Zirakpur

viii. Rs.2100/- for Kurali

ix. Rs. 300/- extra for daycare transport facility
(at 5:30 pm available for selected areas in Mohali and Chd only)

Note: Transport Rates are till September only due to current govt. diesel policy.

Uniforms and books would be charged on actual. Transport & mid-day meals are optional and fee to be paid additionally.

Is there an entrance exam for seeking admission?

Primary School upto class V: No written tests are required for primary till Vth class. Here, the admission can be confirmed after an interaction with the senior management of the school
Senior School: Admission to senior classes can be attained after the child attempts the entrance tests for two subjects, i.e – English and Mathematics.

Are meals being provided?

Good hygienic and nutritious meals are provided to the students (Breakfast and Lunch), But meals are optional for the students. Students can opt for meals by paying for the same.

Does the school conduct any outbound trips?

Yes, School provides outbound trip for the students annually. These trips are optional, and are pay per basis. Trips are sent to the hills, other states, and even abroad.

Does the school cater to children with special needs?

There is no separate cell but children with LD are part of the mainstream classes.

What is The Millennium Schools approach to education?

The school has a holistic approach towards education. Each child is considered to be unique and is treated as an individual, not as part of a group only. Learning methods are also adopted to suit each child’s learning style. It is a ‘gurukul’ approach with modern technology as part of the system to suit today’s requirements.

Whom do I contact for admissions?

Parents can call school Landline no. at 0172- 2222201, 2222202

The school is up to which class?

The school is up to Class XII