The Millennium School has brought back the ancient culture of the Gurukul system where the focus was on the child. Since this Gurukul belongs to the 21st century, the child is being taught according to the latest techniques and methodologies and all efforts are being made to turn him/her into a global child who can take his/her confident place in today’s world.

What is it that a parent really looks for in a school for his/her ward? More than anything else parents must feel safe and secure in sending their child to the chosen school; safe in the knowledge that their child will be given the best possible education and secure that their child will be treated as an individual and not just as part of a crowd. At TMS, this is possible, for, in this school the focus is on the child---it is a totally child-centric school.

Parents have probably noticed that no two children are alike---some are quiet, some noisy, some are tall, some short, some are studious, some are restless. But we often overlook the fact that when it comes to learning, children are different too. We try to teach them the way we have learnt it. We forget the fact that children are different individuals and we should use the way they would like to learn. The way they learn may be just as unique as how they look or act. In education we call it as ‘learning styles’.

A learning style is the way a person acquires knowledge. It is not ‘what’ a person learns, but ‘how’ a person learns. There are different ways of describing learning styles. The simplest learning style model is VAK standing for Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic.

Helping children to learn based on their learning styles would help them acquire knowledge in a meaningful way---that is what we are going to do at ‘The Millennium School’.