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13 Mar 2014

The MILLENNIUM SCHOOL, NOIDA in collaboration with Max Hospital, Saket organized a health workshop for their female fraternity .The motive of the workshop was to apprise the staff members about Breast and Cervical cancer that has become a major health hazard. Dr Geeta very cordially and comfortably discussed the causes, symptoms and stages and potential cure of both the diseases. Our erratic lifestyle is responsible for this mushrooming disorder. An informative and interactive session concluded with a promise by all the women to take care of themselves whole heartedly .It is high-time to consider ourselves and our health priority.


11 Feb 2014
"Flying Robots of TMS"
The TMS Noida children participated in “Robotonics 2014” hosted by DPS Ghaziabad International. 8 schools from Delhi – NCR participated in it. The task was to design a ROBOT that had a capacity to complete the track in shortest possible time, challenging the hurdles, slides, rough surface with pebbles and slides.A group of 3 students from TMS of class III & IV won the 1st prize in “ Robo Race”. The other task given to the participants was to design a Robot which would play soccer and could hit a goal as well as defend to consume a goal against itself in the “Robo Soccer” and students from class VI bagged the 1st runner up in it. The third competition was to create or design a machine using junk. This competition demanded lot of creativity, imagination and innovation and on the spot the children from TMS of class VI & VII bagged the IInd runner up in the “Junkyard Wars” by applying their creative bent of mind.


20 Dec 2013
Christmas Celebration

"Christmas is here

to bring in so much of cheer

Let's have some fun

with each and everyone"


Christmas in TMS Noida is a celebration which includes brightening the entire school and decorating the Christmas tree together with the loved ones.

    Children ushered in the spirit of Christmas with 'Christmas is coming', 'Dashing through the snow', 'Santa Claus is coming' etc. A tableaux was presented depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. Santa marked his presence by gifting goodies to all the children.

A toast to the Christmas Spirit!

Wishing one and all Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year !!!!


18 Nov 2013
"Investiture Ceremony"
With the onset of winters, the deserving young talents of our school were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their school from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence. The energy and enthusiasm of the students was reverberating in the Millennium air. The entire course was led with mettle and aplomb. The prayer “God’s Love” set the ball rolling. Followed in was a play magnificently depicting “Wo subh kabhi to aayegi”. It focussed on compassion and understanding. As a mother and mentor, the Principal Mrs. Rita Kaul rendered valuable wisdom through her rich words. The new Head – boy, Head – girl and various other prefects in the arena of academics, sports , editorial etc. were blessed with sash and badge. The chief guest Sh. Gautam Kaul (former Commissioner of Police, Ex- Director General – CISF and ITBP motivated the children with his enlighting words. The proud parents of the head – boy and head girl were too elated and ecstatic.


08 Jul 2013

“Nothing is true in self-discovery unless it is true in your own experience."

Grade 6 to 10 has taken up Robotics as one of the Work Education Program @TMS Noida for the academic session 2012-13. Scrapbotics are the professionals helping our curious minds to master this art. Here are some glimpses of children indulging in robotics.



01 Feb 2013
Invites For Parents of Pre- Primary....

Dear Parent,


 Greetings from the Millennium Fraternity!


The session is coming to an end & we had a fruitful time with our children.  This journey of love & learning that we shared with our children is worth all the efforts that were put in. Since the parent and the teachers play a pivotal role in the wonder years of the child, we would like to invite you all to be a part of your child’s day in school on the 6th  of Feb i.e Wednesday for Nursery and Pre- Nursery,7th  i.e Thursday for KG and 8th i.e Friday for Class 1,   to watch them start their day by being a part of the assembly and sing along with our little ones and revive the nostalgic moments of your school days once again followed by experiencing a day in your child’s life by having a glimpse of how the curriculum is delivered differently in The Millennium School ,Noida. This will be followed by an open house in the auditorium where all your queries and concerns will be addressed.  Please be a part of this special day and let’s together make learning a beautiful experience.




Time:  9:00am (assembly Starts at sharp 9:00am)


            9:30am – 10:15am (Demo Class)


            10:30am – 11:00am (Open House)


Thanking you


Class Teacher


14 Dec 2012
Result of Dharohar Day-3

DAY-3 14th Dec’12


1.    DEBATE

I.      Eicher, FBD

II. Step by Step

III. TMS, Noida     


I.     TMS, Noida     

II. Bal Bharti Noida 

III.DPS, Noida


I.        TMS, Noida     

II. Bal Bharti Noida 

III. DPS, Noida


I.      Step by Step

II. Khaitan Public School



I.      Bal Bharti Noida 


III. DPS, Noida


I.      Bal Bharti Noida 

II. DPS, Noida



I.      Step by Step

II. DPS, Noida

III. Bal Bharti Noida

8.    RANGER ROBOTS (Junr)

I.  VishwaBharti

II. Cambridge



I.  TMS, Noida

II. Khaitan Public School



14 Dec 2012
Dharohar Day 3 results with Overall winners

Dharohar  Rolling Trophy goes to Bal Bharti Noida" for having scored the highest points Congratulatins!!!

Ist Runner Up - TMS Noida

IInd Runner Up - Khaitan Public School, Noida

Congratulations to the winning Teams  and all the participating schools who made Dharohar 12-13 a stupendous success, Till we meet again next year! Goodbye & God Bless


13 Dec 2012
Result of Dharohar Day-2

DAY-213th Dec’12




I.Khaitan Public School

II.Bal Bharti Noida

III.TMS, Noida



I.Eicher, FBD

II.Khaitan Public School

III.TMS, Noida



I.Khaitan Public School

II.TMS, Noida

III.Bal Bharti Noida



I.Indraprastha Global Noida&Bal BhartiNoida

II.TMS, Noida

III.Eicher, FBD&Khaitan Public School



I.Bal Bharti Noida

II.TMS Karnal

III.Khaitan Public School



I.Khaitan Public School&UniversalAcademy

II.Bal Bharti Noida

III.TMS, Noida



I.TMS, Noida

II.Eicher, FBD

III.Bal Bharti Noida



I.Bal Bharti Noida

II.TMS Karnal

III.Khaitan Public School


Consolation Prize Indraprastha Global,Noida



12 Dec 2012
Result of Dharohar Day-1

Day-1 12th Dec’12




II.   Indraprastha Global School

III.  Eicher, Fbd.




              II.   Kothari Int School



              I.     Kothari Int School


              III.  Bal Bharti Noida



              I.  DAV Sec-37 Fbd.

              II. Kothari Int School

III. TMS, Noida 



I.     Kothari Int School

              II.   Bal Bharti Noida

III.  DAV Sec-37 Fbd.



I.     Kothari Int School

              II.   TMS, NOIDA & Eicher, FBD

III.  DAV Sec-37 Fbd.



I.     Bal Bharti Noida

              II.   Khaitan Public School




I.     Eicher, FBD


III.  Khaitan Public School


Consolation Prize Indraprastha Global,Noida



20 Oct 2012
"Visit to Science Museum"
100_8022M.jpg.png100_8038M.jpg.png"Visit to Science Museum" Pre-primary Children enjoyed their trip to the Science Museum on 17th Oct. It was a learning experience for the little ones. It gave them an opportunity to realize the importance of Science in our day to day lives.


20 Oct 2012
Dussehra Celebrations
The triumph of good over evil was depicted in the dussehra celebrations that was celebrated in TMS, Noida. It was an enchanting sight to see the little ones enjoying the show.


20 Oct 2012
Childrens Forest Programme organised by OISCA
19th Oct'12 Organisation for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement(OISCA)joined hands with the students of Noida to bring a solution to the the menace of deforestation. The enthusiastic student adopted one plant each to keep the spirit of "Each one Plant one" alive.


19 Oct 2012
Mogly's Value Based Workshop
10th October 2012. The Millennium School, Noida with the help of Mogly's Gurukul organized a value based workshop on divine values and elements and festivals that will lead to holistic learning of the children.
The workshop was aimed  at empowering the children to catch values and also enhances the parent child relationship.


19 Apr 2012
Circular for Earth Day

    The Millennium School, Noida

Dear Parents,                                          19/04/12


We will be celebrating the Earth Day on the 23rd of April, 2012 (Monday) for the Junior School. We are planning to have a green day; hence we would appreciate if you could avoid sending plastic bottles or tiffins to school.

We are forming a TMS Save the “Earth Club” for the tiny tots and would request you all to talk to your children about how precious our earth is and what we should do to save and protect the earth. Since the earth day is on the 22nd of April, 2012, please do take the children for a nature walk and talk to them about the world around.

To begin with, we support “Each one, Plant one" drive so please encourage your child to plant a sapling on that day.

A poem with a pledge for the children will be sent along. Please read it to the children and together let's try and bring a change. We would appreciate if you could visit the website www.millenniumnoida.com, and have a look at the green measures professed by our school and mention atleast one measure that you have undertaken towards ecological preservation. 


For saving the earth


The earth is my home

I promise to keep it healthy and beautiful

I will love the land, the air

The water and all creatures

I will be the defender of my Planet

United with friends, I will save the earth

I live in a beautiful earth

No one can tell it’s worth

I promise to protect my heaven

And make it my favourite domain

The fish in the cool blue water

The birds that go twitter

The air that we breathe

The sky beneath

I will never pollute




Together we’ll defend our Mother Earth and Safe guard her all the time.



Class Teacher


19 Apr 2012


We at TMS, Noida believe that being GREEN at home is easy.TMS, Noida fraternity urges each member to pursue diligently the green measures that we have proposed

Earth Hour :Join hands with TMS and switch off power on 22nd April,2012 from 10am to 11am  in support of energy saving endeavours

Home Plan:   

  • Dress in cooler or lighter material clothing to reduce air conditioning consumption
  • Close doors and windows tight, so that heat or the air conditioning cooling does not seep out 
  • Do not leave doors open longer than it takes to get in or out
  • Turn the lights off right after you finish with your work or before you leave the room
  • Use natural daylight as much as possible
  • Fill empty space in your freezer with milk bottles of water ( as it uses less energy)

Water Diet:

  • Shut the water tight after use
  • Do not keep the water tap open while brushing your teeth
  • Take shorter showers or even better to take a bucket of water for your bath
  • Collect rain water to water your garden
  • Wash clothes in larger loads

Leisure with energy saving measures

·         Read books instead of watching TV or playing electronic games

  • Do not leave computers, televisions or other electronics on when not in use

Trash the trash effectively:

  • Use recycle bins to separate trash
  • Do not throw anything unnecessary in the trash, freecycle, give it away!

We have taken the first step by pledging to implement these measures, I am sure that you too would partner with us in this initiative!!!!!!

Please share with us the initiative you took for preserving mother earth.



10 Dec 2011
"Dharohar" 2011
"Dharohar" 2011 was a stupendous success.25 schools from across the country participated in this mega event.  All the events were par excellence and the Spirit of Childhood was celebrated in the most spectacular way.  MVN Aravali Hills were the proud recipients of the Overall Trophy. Adieus Dharohar, Till we meet again next year to scale new heights and set new bench marks.


12 Aug 2011
Independence Day Celebrations

The Independance Day was celebrated with full honour and reverence in the Millennium School Noida.  Amazing India with it's treasures galore was the theme for the day.  The enthusiasm and love for their Country was clearly visible in the enchanting programmes.


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