Dear Parent,

We have kitted books and kept them ready so that you can start ordering books for your ward and receive them before the commencement of new academic session.

You can now order books through the following method(s):

Option 1:

Go to and click at “Buy Books” icon.

Select the school of your ward carefully. Parents/Students need to ensure that they order book set for respective school only. Selecting wrong schoolcan result in delivery of different book set.

Select Class carefully. While selecting class, please note that you have to choose the class your ward will be graduating to. Do not choose his/her current class. E.g. If your ward is in Class-3 in academic session 2018-19 then you have to order books for Class 4 for academic session 2019-20.

Click at the desired kit and click at Add to Cart option

Click at the Cart icon and click on Proceed to Checkoutbutton.

Fill in your delivery address and click Next button

Click on Place Order button.

It will take you to payment options. Choose the desired Payment option and complete the transaction using your Netbanking account or Credit Card or Debit Card.

After the successful payment transaction, you will get an email intimation and an SMS alert.

Books will be delivered to you within 10 working days from the date of successful transaction.

Option 2:

Those parents who cannot do a digital transaction can visit to their wards’ school and make payment through the following methods

Payment at School –

·         POS. Parent can swipe their Credit and Debit Cards and make payments for the books set. A copy of the transaction sheet should be retained by the school.

·         Cash

·         DD

·         Cheque (should be least preferred mode of payment as cheques may bounce back for various reason(s))



Total Kit cost

Pre-Nursery-Developing Roots


NURSERY- Emerging Wings


KG - Ready to Fly


Class I


Class II


Class III


Class IV


Class V


Class VI


Class VII


Class VIII


Class IX


Class X


Grand Total




School Will collect the book set amount from parents and will deposit the amount in the Fliplearn EducationPvt Ltd. bank a/c (Please refer Banking info sheet of Bank a/c details). 

Once the amount is deposited in the Bank a/c, School shall intimate the HO team for said deposit along with appropriate evidence. School shall intimate the same via email in appropriate format. (Deposit Slip from Bank/any other evidence).

Once the deposit amount is confirmed by Finance team, then kit order qty will be processed.

Every School need to assign one Order no. to every given bulk order (Serial order no. series to be issued) for proper tracking. Kit order and loose books order for class-9 & 10  orders need to be given separately. Bulk ordering is to be done for a maximum value of Rs.1,80,000/- per day only. (This is the cash deposit limit). If the amount collected is more than 1.80 lacs than these need to be deposited on different days and respective separate orders need to be given.

Orders collected through cash, DD and POS can be shared together. Whereas the payments received through cheques need to be separately ordered and not to be mixed with cash orders and dispatch will be done once cheque /DD is cleared in Fliplearn Bank A/c.

Schools are supposed to keep a track of all such transactions and share the same with with copy marked to

Note :

1)      For Class 9 & 10we have kitted books for Science, Maths and S. Studies together.  An online kit will also contain these many books only.

School can order Hindi, and Computer books are not part of the kits as different schools have asked for these books in different combinations.

Thus you have to order for Class IX and X books carefully as what do you want. If you want Hindi or IT  books add that to the kit through offline orders.

These books loose books should be ordered offline.

2)      Following 1 titles are in exclusion and are not available as of now and no amount is being charged for the same.



ERP Titles


Class X

Together Toward Safer India-3-Disaster Manag-Cl-10


Please revert if you need any clarifications in this regard.



Wednesday, March 13, 2019