Dear Parents,

Greetings from The Millennium Fraternity,

The  ISSAC Audit of this quarter was conducted by the Internal Safety Security Audit Committee (ISSAC) on 29th October 2018.

Along with the teachers and admin members of the audit committee, 5 parents were invited to be a part of the audit, out of which 4 participated in the process.





SPOC (Single Point Of Contact)

Ms. Bindu Menon



School Administration

Mr. Punit Sharma



Mr. Umesh Sharma



Mr. Prashant Chaturvedi




Ms. Renuka Dhar



Ms. Reshma Sinha



Ms. Purnima Tyagi







Child’s Name and Class

Parent’s Name


Samarth Srivastava- Nur A

Mr. Abhishek Srivastav


Yashasvi Singh IV C

Ms.Pushraj Singh


Rajveer Munjal II B

Mr. Sumeet


Anupriya IV A

Mr. Anoop Bharti


Sohum Mahajan VC

Ms. Keena Mahajan








The audit process started with an initial briefing of the ISSAC members by Renuka Ma’am. Closing report of the last audit was also shared. A checklist was distributed and the audit was carried out by each member, noting down their observations. The checklist comprised of 11 major checkpoints  namely  1. School Gate Management 2. Safety and Security of Play Area 3. Maintenance of School transport 4. School Interior and Ambience 5. Functioning of CCTV Cameras on corridors and floors 6. Classrooms and Activity Rooms 7. Upkeep and Hygiene of Washrooms and Infirmary 8. Support Staff Training 9. Incident Management and Control of Risk factos 10. Training of Security Personnel 11. Electrical and Infrastructure safety at all locations in the school. These were further broken down to cover every aspect in detail. A summary of the audit is mentioned in the table given under:


 ISSAC Audit- findings which were deliberated upon the analysis of the same is being stated below-



Audit Percentage

Red (Urgent and Important) ( Gate Entries)


Yellow (Important)


Green (Beneficial)


 It is also to inform all the parents that railing height of the balconies has been raised by   1  feet more during the holidays.

Fencing is also done on restricted areas as suggested by the parents. Guards have been instructed to check  valid ID proof of all the visitor and Escort Card of the parents.

With parents as our partners we strive to create a happy school that facilitates learning of a child in a friendly setup. This process will be repeated every Quarter. New parents will be selected to be a part of the audit each quarter following a lottery system to draw out names.

Together we can ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our precious ones, so do send your positive feedback to our Admin Officer in


Warm Regards

Admin Officer

Monday, November 12, 2018