Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                    12th March, 2019


Parents who are sending the children for the camp please take note of the following points:


List of things to carry –


·        School ID Card


·        Two Set of clothes


·        Two sets of Undergarments


·        One Night Suit


·        One towel


·        One Face towel


·        One Single Bed sheet


·        Toiletries - Hair Brush, Tooth Brush & Paste


·        Please send your child in a pair of Floaters or Sandals which are comfortable and do not make them wear shoes


·        In case the child is on medication, please send the medicines with the instructions.


·         If the child is allergic to anything please do inform the class teacher in advance.


List of things for Kidzania in a picnic bag:


·        One Water bottle with string


·        One set of clothes


·        One Hand towel




Please note-


·        All the belongings to be labelled with permanent marker mentioning- Name, Class, Section




·        On 15th March 2019, children will come casually dressed in T–Shirts & Track Pants for both boys & girls (No frocks & no skirts)




·        Pick up of the children coming only for Kidzania trip and day camp activities on 15th March 2019 will be at 8:30PM from TMS-41 by the parents and no school transport will be provided




·        The children staying overnight are to be picked up on 16th March 2019 at 11:30 am from TMS-41 by the parents themselves and no school transport will be provided




Thanking you,


Class Teacher


Tuesday, March 12, 2019