Dear Parents                                                                                     28th September 2015

Greetings from the Millennium Fraternity!!!

We here at The Millennium School would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for always supporting our endeavours so generously. A good deed is always cherished and nourished by everyone and the impressionable little ones follow it as they are always subconsciously observing and imitating every action of ours. So let us set an example for our future generations by joining hands to reach out to the less fortunate ones and make a difference in the society in our own little ways. To take these thoughts further and put them into action we all would like to be a part of JOY OF GIVING campaign.

Keeping these values in mind we will be donating old clothes, toys, blankets, bed sheets or any other thing you feel can be sent to an orphanage.

Following guidelines to be followed while donating items:


i)              Clothing/ Linen –1) Should not be torn, stained, soiled or worn out

 2) Should be washed, ironed and packed in     polythene/paper bag

                                   3) Undergarments not allowed


 ii)            Toys/ Games     - 1) Should not be broken/ torn

                                               2) Should be packed in a  box/ carton

                                               3) Gun or any Offensive toys/ games not allowed


 iii)         Unused misc items like electronics, decorative items etc not preferred.

Your kind efforts will be appreciated.


P.S: Brochures regarding JOY OF GIVING will be sent along with your children. Kindly share them with your friends and neighbours and actively participate in this noble campaign.

Warm Regards ,


TMS NOIDA       



Wednesday, September 30, 2015