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The Fourth Founder’s Day Celebration, Aaghaaz-ae-Aahan 2014-15 (Classes 4 to 9)
The Fourth Founder’s Day Celebration, Aaghaaz-ae-Aahan 2014-15 of The Millennium School, Patiala was organized today at Harpal Tiwana Centre for Performing Arts, Patiala. The Students of Class 4 to 9 performed. The opening item of the function was Millennium Anthem followed by English Play ‘Villa for Sale’ which drew loud applause from the audience. Hanuman Chalisa, choreography on an incident from Lord Krishna’s life and another on Global Warming was praised. Loudly clapped were two plays in Punjabi ‘Nashyan Ch Rurhda Punjab’ which highlighted the menace of drugs, and Bhai Ghaniya Ji, who rendered selfless and , was true to the teachings of the Guru. ‘Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja’, a comedy in the syllabus of 7th Class was a grand success. The students of Class 9 presented a mime on electronic gadget-Bane or Boon. Last, but not the least was traditional Punjabi Bhagra, rocked the auditorium.

Children’s Day Celebrations at The Millennium School, Patiala
25th Birthday of Children’s favourite, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was celebrated today at The Millennium School, Patiala. The Children’s Day celebrations started with a brief introduction by the Principal Mrs. Neelinderjeet Kaur Sandhu, about the life and achievements of the architect of modern India. On the occasion, the teachers wearing different and colourful dresses, representing many characters, entertained the students, who enjoyed every moment.

Inter-House cricket match at The Millennium School, Patiala
A 15 over Inter-House cricket match was played at The Millennium School, Patiala between two teams comprising players of Agni & Aakash houses on one side and Jal & Prithvi houses on the other. The former scored the required 79 runs in thirteen overs to win the match. The match had all the ingredients of a thriller, with its usual ups and downs. Much needed enthusiasm and spirit was displayed by both the teams. The honours went to Master Karanveer, Vaibhav and Anghad for being the Best Batsman, Best Bowler and Best Fielder respectively. Man of the Match was Master Swastik Joshi.

'Gurpurab' Celebrations at The Millennium School, Patiala
Birthday anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikh religion, was observed today at The Millennium School, Patiala, with religious fervour and solemnity. The ‘Bhog’ ceremony of Sri Akhand Path Sahib was followed by ‘Shabad Kirtan’ by S. Malwinder Singh and Sardarni Abhinash Kaur, the members of the teaching faculty and school students. On the occasion, a large number of parents and devout villagers from the adjoining area flocked to the school along with S. Surinder Singh Bawa, who later were served ‘Guru Ka Langar’ i.e. Community Lunch by the enthusiastic students and staff members. Everybody contributed whole-heartedly and voluntarily for the cause of religion and thus took the blessings of the Lord. The feeling of spirituality pervaded the school for all the three days. The Principal, Mrs. Neelinderjeet Kaur Sandhu, thanked all who were present.

Special Assembly ‘Hindi Sabha’ at The Millennium School, Patiala
A special assembly based on Hindi, was organized today at TMS Patiala, to pay respect and regard to our National Language. The opening of the assembly of the assembly took place with the arrival of teachers who represented leading Hindi poets and literary personalities. Children recited well known Hindi poems on the occasion. A drama in dance from was also presented. The Principal, Mrs. Neelinderjeet Kaur Sandhu, while addressing the assembly, motivated the children that we all should be proud of our National Language.
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