Clubs & Societies

There is a lot more than academics that make a child well-rounded personality. To bring out the innate talents of a child and develop his/her talents, TMS has a host of clubs. These clubs cater to varied interests like public speaking and debating, writing, event management and scientific skills. We have Dance Club (Tapping Toes), Music Club (Sur Sangam), Art & Craft (Creations), Sports Club (Hockey, Gymnastic and Cricket), Literary club, Science club, Math’s Club and Computer Animation.


The system provides an exciting division of the mass of pupils into units wherein each pupil has a rightful place and in which he takes pride. Houses are a common and a successful way of building a superb school community and spirit. The houses compete in different sporting, cultural, and academic competitions, and provide an excellent way of meeting people outside one's own class and age group, all of whom have a common goal and purpose. Akin to the four elements of nature that sustains life, the four Houses at The Millennium School are named


They provide a platform for developing a spirit of team work, healthy competition and leadership skills through myriad scholastic activities.