Strict measures are taken and followed so that your ward/wards are safe at School.

Dear Parent

There is a major upheaval pertaining to Student Safety in Schools, which is a constant cause of alarm and we are always ready to rectify all possibilities that may arise due to unforeseen situations and anti-social elements.

Strict measures are taken and followed so that your ward/wards are safe at School.

The school staff, from time to time, takes all precautions and routinely cross-checks all details of the following:

1. Functioning of CCTV Cameras.

2. Toilet cleanliness and proper drapes in place.

3.  Floor Marshals’ duties are randomly checked and verified.

4. Lady staff accompanies the students in the buses.

5. All visitors enter at the School Entry Gate and are captured in Camera.

6.  The School boundaries are properly fenced and stroll guarded from time to time.

7.  We have proper security check of the staff employed.

All appointments are done through a well define process as per CBSE norms. We have a well defined code of conduct for our teachers; which includes zero tolerance to physical / verbal abuse and safe contact with students.

Police verification of support staff is mandatory, and is a part of the recruitment process.             We also have a stringent code of conduct and we ensure that all staff abides by it. Existing staff and new joiners have regular induction and training about safety measures and               on how to maintain a safe connect with students in the class. The school keeps             conducting regular sessions on sensitizing staff about no touch policy. All the teaching and non teaching / support staff are trained from time to time. All repair and maintenance work is done only after school hours.

8. We randomly check the bags of the students entering the School, lest there be anything that can pose a threat to self and / or others.

9. We discourage our students from grouping up and ganging on weak / timid students. We incite in them brotherhood and love / kindness for all.

10. We have Male and Female Marshals, stationed outside the Male and Female Toilets. Their duty is never let off, bearing in mind that toilets are the most vulnerable spots where mischief may perhaps happen, in spite of all precautions. We also sensitize the Staff regarding this situation, regularly and strictly. 

11. We have Cameras fixed outside the toilets and vigilantly survey the happenings.

12. Utmost care is taken when students board buses and lady conductors are at hand inside buses. We have functional cameras inside buses to watch over the students.

13. The School supports a very high hygienic and healthy environment.

14. Our buses have all documents in order and have speed governors and are also GPS enabled.

15. We have conducted child safety workshop by NDRF and NIS Coach. Such workshops will be conducted time to time.

We conduct various workshops for teachers to train and sensitise them towards child safety; we also conduct sessions and circle time activities with children for their awareness of the same.

16. The Admin officer and campus supervisor is on round all the time during the school hours.

17. The school has an Audit Committee from the HO and we have an SOP named IMCR (Incident management and Controlling of Risks). We propose that we constitute a parent Staff Audit Committee that comprises of 3 parents and 3 staff members to jointly conduct school safety audits once a month.

18. As our school vision clearly defines that parents are our partners and will have a pivotal role to play to make schooling a mile stone in your child’s life, we are forming a committee. This committee will consist of two parents from each class on a ballot basis. The calendar will be followed that will be circulated to all the members well in advance.

The Committee will have the school leaders academic and administrative, teachers and parents as members for all times to come. The schedule for the meeting would be monthly. The minutes of the committee meeting will be shared with the PTA Body. The parents will be intimated about the closure of the loopholes found during the audit.

I wish to assure you that your ward/wards is/are safe and secure in the school and all measures pertaining to their safety is strictly followed and taken care of. I would also request you, as stakeholders of the School, to lend your valuable suggestions. Your recommendations shall be highly solicited.



 Ms. Sangeeta Saxena



Friday, September 22, 2017