Educational Trips & Excursions

Educational Trips & Excursions

An annual excursion is organized for students for every academic session. Further, the school organizes planned visits to various places to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.

The Millennium school believes very strongly in the educational value of well planned visits and is a firm supporter of outdoor education. An educational trip is an off-campus learning activity that brings excitement and adventure to learning. A well planned field trip is an ideal way to introduce new skills and concepts to children, reinforce ongoing lessons and influence the learning potential.

The school outings are driven by:

• Curriculum

• Life Skills

• Outdoor leadership skills

Educational trips

Some of our trips like visit to Rajiv Gandhi renewable Energy Center, Big Bazaar, local Post office etc. were a learning experience for our students.

•Visit to the Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Center-17th April 2013

The Millennium School, Gurgaon organized a visit to Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park on 17th April’ as part of the Earth day celebration week.

Children learn more and remember always what they see and experience, thus this visit was aimed at giving a feeling of belonging and ownership of the earth. At the energy park children were shown three short films ‘Happy Planet’, ‘A Garden Dream’, ‘Ishi’ which highlighted the various environmental concerns and ways to encounter them. The children experienced the potential of solar energy in various spheres of life. They rode in solar cars, solar swings. They also got a chance to taste food (potatoes, pulao) cooked in solar cookers. The children also planted sapling at the energy park.

Earth Day is about understanding and protecting its biodiversity. The main idea which needs to be put across to the students is the need to explore alternate sources of renewable energy to reduce the burden on fast depleting non-renewable ones.

• A Visit to the Post Office-7th August 2013

Children were exposed to the postal service which has become a faded tradition of our country with the coming of emails. They saw envelopes and postcards and learnt how it is used.