Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message


Learning is an active process .It requires an interested learner-the student and a guide and mentor- the teacher. Also essential is an opportunity –an engaging atmosphere that promotes enquiry. With the amount of knowledge and information in the world multiplying and becoming more accessible day by day, our expectations from children have increased tremendously. The main goal of the learning process in a classroom is however not to overload the child’s mind with information but rather to inculcate in them a desire to learn, to discover by doing i.e. experiential learning. The inherent sense of curiosity in a child is to be encouraged and nurtured not suppressed or ignored. The Millennium Learning System provides learner centric and age-appropriate school curriculum and Infrastructure to achieve this goal.

Use of technology is an essential teaching aid. Not only to keep the children abreast of what they would anyway have to deal with in future, but also to ensure that most of the time is not spent in cramming facts and figures.

As partners in the training process our own lives will be enriched by the love and affection that only young children can give. Also our intellect will be sharpened by day to day engagement with fresh ideas, new ways of thinking and many unanswerable questions that only a uncluttered mind of a child can put forth. We will also ensure that the world is in safe hands and our future will be secure.

If we wish our children to be good, healthy, concerned global citizens we need to join hands now and make it happen.

Warm Regards,

Vineeta Mittal