S. No. Date
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No. of Days Month Occasion
From To
1 10-Apr-20 10-Apr-20   April Good Friday
2 14-Apr-20 14-Apr-20   April Ambedkar Jayanti
3 18-Apr-20 18-Apr-20   April PTM
4 22-Apr-20 22-Apr-20   April Earth Day- (Activity)
5 23-Apr-20 23-Apr-20   April Book Review (Activity)
6 1-May-20 1-May-20   May Feliciattion of School Support Staff
7 7-May-20 7-May-20   May Buddha Purnima
8 8-May-20 8-May-20   May Mothers Day (Activity)
9 10-May-20 10-May-20   May Family Day (Activity)
10 15-May-20 15-May-20   May Technology Day (Activity)
11 25-May-20 25-May-20   May Eid
12 28-May-20 28-May-20   May PTM
13 29-May-20 30-Jun-20 32 May/June Summer Break
14 10-Jul-20 10-Jul-20   July Heritage Quiz (Activity)
Tigers Day (Activity)
15 20-Jul-20 31-Jul-30 11 July PT-1 
16 21-Jun-20 21-Jun-20   June Yoga Day - Live Session
17 3-Aug-20 3-Aug-20   August Rakshabandhan (Activity)
18 12-Aug-20 12-Aug-20   August Janamashtami (Activity)
19 14-Aug-20 14-Aug-20   August Radio Interview of Unsung Heores (Activity)
20 15-Aug-20 15-Aug-20   August Independence Day
21 28-Aug-20 28-Aug-20   August Ad-Man (Activity) Class III
22 29-Aug-20 29-Aug-20   August Muharram 
23 5-Sep-20 5-Sep-20   Sep Teachers Day
24 8-Sep-20 8-Sep-20   Sep Class - I Story Narration
Class -III Poster making
25 9-Sep-20 9-Sep-20   Sep Class - II Kavita Vaachan
Class - IV Doha Recitation
26 10-Sep-20 10-Sep-20   Sep Class - V Hasya Kavi
27 14-Sep-20 25-Sep-20 11 Sep Half Yearly
28 2-Oct-20 2-Oct-20   Oct Gandhi Jayanti
29 9-Oct-20 9-Oct-20   Oct Class I-V PPT on Peace and Non Violence
30 10-Oct-20 10-Oct-20   Oct PTM
31 23-Oct-20 25-Oct-20 2 Oct Dussera Break
32 26-Oct-20 26-Oct-20   Oct Dussera
33 29-Oct-20 29-Oct-20   Oct Eid-E-Milad
34 4-Nov-20 4-Nov-20   Nov Karwachauth
35 10-Nov-20 10-Nov-20   Nov Eid-Ul-Milad
36 11-Nov-20 16-Nov-20 5 Nov Diwali Break
37 12-Nov-20 12-Nov-20   Nov Dhanteras
38 13-Nov-20 13-Nov-20   Nov Choti Diwali
39 14-Nov-20 14-Nov-20   Nov Children's Day
40 15-Nov-20 15-Nov-20   Nov Vishkarma Day
41 16-Nov-20 16-Nov-20   Nov Bhai Dooj
42 20-Nov-20 20-Nov-20   Nov Chhath Puja
43 30-Nov-20 30-Nov-20   Nov Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti
44 1-Dec-20 1-Dec-20   Dec World Aids Day
45 10-Dec-20 18-Dec-20 8 Dec PT-II
46 18-Dec-20 18-Dec-20   Dec Tech Wizard
Carol Singing
47 25-Dec-20 25-Dec-20   Dec Christmas
48 30-Dec-20 30-Dec-20   Dec PTM
49 31-Dec-20 10-Jan-20 10 Jan Winter Break
50 26-Jan-21 26-Jan-21   Jan Republic Day
51 20-Feb-21 20-Feb-21   Feb PTM
52 6-Mar-21 6-Mar-21   March PTM
53 8-Mar-21 19-Mar-21 11 March Class V-VIII Final Exam
54 11-Mar-21 11-Mar-21   March MahaShivratri
55 27-Mar-21 27-Mar-21   March PTM
56 27-Mar-21 29-Mar-21 2 March Holi Break
Note- This is one time details for the entire academic session, data need to be shared like Schoool Even, PTM, Holiday, Term Assessment Details etc