Dear Mam, Thank you so much for a life time memory. It’s something to cherish long life for us as well as for Neer. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. I and my husband (Vinesh) are really touched. Thank you so much once again.

Parent of Neer Soni, Class KG


"The Annual function was really awesome. Don't have words to describe the uniqueness of the program. It was the most unique way to show that the School is really working hard to implement sports & Outdoor activities."

Mr.Mansoor, father of Master Burhanuddin KG-I A


Me and my husband choose Millennium for many reasons , Firstly we wanted a stress free environment for my child . A child should not be burdened with studies rather should learn by fun , which is the prime focus of The Millennium  School . Secondly, the care and concern shown by all the teachers are remarkable !

Sara Diseja,a proud mother of Daania Diseja-2B


We look back and see 7 years of Millennium journey has been really incredible , with lots of encouragement and guidance from Principal maa’m and teachers , our little boy is becoming a champion in various aspects of life , the millennium learning system has changed an introvert child into an extrovert child , having no stage fear, ready to participate in competitions and accepting challenges .

Karishma Bafna , mother of Heetansh(6b) and Naysha Bafna (2c)


We are very thankful to the school for the great fun in the school .The activity you plan , the room you decorate , the friendships you help foster , it’s all incredible and its helping our child (and us)to believe that school is fun , which is incredibly important.

Parents of Keyan Shah , Emerging Wings


We the parents of Aneesh are so thankful to the school and the teachers to have the toughest job in the world and bear the little hearts gracefully .We had witnessed the difference in our child in couple of months in his etiquettes , communication skill and his logical , analytical approach towards study .Very importantly , the teaching pattern keep the students away from the so called “Rat Race” giving a chance to compete with themselves . A big Kudos for doing the thankless job and putting best efforts , sacrifices to make a difference in my kids life .

Aneesh Beswal’s (2A)parents


My ward Ishita Joglekar from Grade 12 has grown out as an outstanding personality. She has become a very outspoken person and attended all MUN’S happening in city and is at a director position of the Youth Council of Indore . It is a great experience to watch her bloom like a flower and with immense confidence . This could be possible with all the loving teachers and they as being her second mothers.

Ruta Joglekar , mother of Ishita Joglekar(12th)


Kids have turned so responsible and confident about their learning’s . by believing in kids and showing concern you help them discover that it is fun to learn . Kids love to come to school and coming up with flying colours year after year . The school goes the extra mile for being what they are . Thanks for not changing the methodology , it is working for the best.

Bharti Ankur Batra , mother of Jeevansh Batra (1a)