Music and Dance

Music is the soul of the cosmos. The school introduces the students to the wonderful world of music in its own unique way and at the same time, it helps them to unwind from the daily routine of studies. Following are the options available to students as part of Music and Dance activities.



• Keyboard

• Acoustic Guitar

• Tabla

• Congo

• Bongo

• Tambourine

• Harmonium

• Shakers

• Marakkas


• Indian Classical


Indian Classical:

• Basic hand gestures

• Tatkaar, Tukda, Tihaies, Paran, Kavitt

• Guru Vandana

• Gat Nikas, Gat Bhava

• Padhant Teental

• Tarana


• Indian Classical

Folk Dance:

• Bhangara

• Marathi Dance

• Rajasthani Dance

• Western Dance