Parents’ Speak

Parents’ Speak



Dear Teachers & The Management of Millennium School

It gives us immense pleasure & satisfaction to DECLARE that The GRAND PARENTS DAY celebrated at your institution is a milestone in this direction.
It has been an eventful day & we felt good being a part of the event organized by the Staff , Teachers & Management of the Millennium School.
Moreover, I must lay special emphasis on the CLASS ROOM visit conducted for the grandparents , giving us all an opportunity to interact with our wards / children at their temple of learning…………………which makes it special for us.
We appreciate the good efforts by the entire team & look forward to more such interactive events, which hold immense value & inspiration for us.

With Best Wishes & Regards
Pallavi Ghidia.

Dear Madam Dr. Goswami,

My daughter Ms Tulika Sharma  is presently studying in Class I –B in your esteemed school. I would like to thank her previous class teachers Ms.Piya madam and Ms.Akansha madam of class KG-D for all their hard work, dedication, affection and care given to her by them. They had changed her to a very great extent for which we were waiting for last two years. There love and affection towards her made her versatile. Our association with the school is deeply gratifying experience.
Overall school environment is very enriching and the credit goes to you, for being such a good administrator, always seen in events with so much energy.

All the class teachers whom I interacted with were extremely hard-working and always deeply concerned about the students, but most importantly always humble.
My sincere thanks to all of them.

Best Wishes
Mrs. Shalini Sharma
C-92, South City

Dear Dr. Manjula,

My son Master Aargh Rai is studying in Pre Nursery class in your school. Its almost 4 months since he joined the school and we are extremely happy with progress of my child. His class teacher, Mrs Meena Bajaj, took personal care of the him. Overall school environment is very enriching and the credit goes to you, for being such a good administrator.

I am working with HDFC bank Ltd and I am getting transferred to New Delhi. I will joining Delhi office on 18th Aug'09.

I am very impressed with your organization and I wish to continue my child's schooling with the Millennium group. I want to transfer my wards admission to your Noida branch.

Please do the needful. I am ready to pay the difference fees. Please continue the founder parent benefit to given to Aargh.

Thanking you.

Best regards...
Anup Kumar

Dear Madam,

With a heavy heart, I am taking this decision of withdrawing my daughter from your institution after receiving my transfer orders yesterday from the Ministry of Defence. I also wish to take this opportunity to reflect upon my experiences of association with The Millennium School over the last one year.

First and foremost let me tell you that I first visited the school when there was nothing but a small office in the premises and there was nothing that could be called a school building. For any parent even remotely concerned about the future of his kid, it was quite an unfavourable situation for the school to woo him or her. But my first interaction with the school staff and particularly you, assured me that once in, my daughter would be in safe hands. The most remarkable thing that I found here, and something that made me fall for this school, was the absence of anything called “ego” in the staff here, something that I found present in the staff of almost every other school that I happened to visit. The respect and at par treatment given to the parents here, not only prior to the enrolment, but even later is something that I would write home about.

Prior to the enrolment I had few doubts in my mind, which were clarified by the Principal to my fullest satisfaction, and her assurance in particular regarding the transport that “Don’t worry Mr. Murtaza, the Day no transport is available, I will personally drop your child home” was the one that threw me off the floor. The decision was taken the very next moment. I enrolled my daughter the very next day in your school. One year later, I can say that it wasn’t a false promise.

The next one year of association with the school was a deeply gratifying experience. Right from the issue of uniforms & identity cards, to transport management, all issues were organised and managed so beautifully, in real terms it replicated the symphony of an orchestra. All events, whether it was the Inaugration Ceremony at Ganna Sansthan, or the school exhibition, or the Annual Function, or the differently themed PTMs, all were so meticulously organised that would put even professional event managers to shame. So well thought, so meticulously planned, and so professionally executed – the attention to details at all events was indeed remarkable.

The Principal of the School resembled a Superhero – omnipresent and always charged up – full of energy, which never seemed to diminish. In a moment here and in another there – taking charge of the staff at one place, and giving instructions at another – all before you could utter “Jack Robinson”. I was deeply moved to know from my child that the Principal herself would stand at the school exit asking students about their problems – which might visibly appear to be a small gesture at first – but if you analyse one with deep impact – that would go a long way in letting the steam off a student who has a bugging problem that he can neither share with his classteacher, nor with parents. Hats off to you! Principals doing such a thing is unheard of – but going out of the way to get a feedback from students is indeed noteworthy, and I highly appreciate it.

All the classteachers whom I interacted with -especially Ms Pooja and Mrs Vardhini -were extremely hardworking and always deeply concerned about the students, but most importantly always humble, and ready to listen to the problems of parents, and doing their best to resolve issues. I must confess that in future, whenever I get a posting back in Lucknow, I will try my best to get my daughter back here in the school, if she still remains eligible. I am sure this school will be amongst the top few schools shortly with the present staff in helm of affairs. I wish you and the school all the success and all the best. Thanks and Warm Regards.

Lt Commander Qazi Murtaza

The Principal,
Dear Madame,

“Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested all your life. We must have life-building, man-making, character-making assimilation of ideas.” - Swami Vivekananda

We quote Swami Vivekananda as a prelude to an introduction to the Millennium School, Lucknow, where our daughter Ms. Manya Dwivedi, studied for about six months in this academic year (2009-10).

J. Krishnamurti said: “The function of education is to create human beings who are integrated and therefore intelligent. Intelligence is the capacity to perceive the essential, ‘the what is’; and to awaken this capacity, in oneself and in others, is education.”

We must say that our daughter Manya has really gained from the Millennium school even during her not very long association. The enthusiasm with which she has been preparing to go to the school in the morning and the zeal with which she used to mention about the school, the lessons, her teachers, and fellow students to us, her grand parents, our relatives and her friends bear testimony to how she learned.

As we have to assume our new responsibilities and assignments at Delhi, we have to move to Delhi and also our daughter Manya has to leave her beloved school; however we would recommend all parents to send their children to this school, which is a role-model in itself.

We could have thought of transferring our child to Millennium School Noida but as our residence is too far (at Rohini) and our child is too small it would be impracticable to do so. Therefore, we request you to kindly issue a T.C. for our daughter.

With best wishes to your school as well as the teachers and staff for en ever-growing excellence’

Sincerely yours,

(Dr. Mrs. Dipty Dwivedi)
Dental Surgeon
(Dr. Mayank Dwivedi)
National Consultant Microbiology NICD, Delhi.

Respected Principal Ma'am,

This to inform you that I have been transferred to Punjab.My daughter Serena Masih studying in II - B will not be able to continue in the next session i.e 2012-2013.

I highly appreciate your able leadership, the learning system in The Millennium School and hard work of your teachers who made my daughter a very confident child.The school has always held her hands through her journey of transformation right from class K.G to class II.

Through her association with the school was for few years but she has achieved a lot in your school and I am a proud father to see talents emerging from a quiet and hesitant daughter of mine.

Since there is no branch of Millennium School in Faridkot-Punjab my daughter will be missing the unique method of learning without burden. My best wishes are always with you and your institution and I hope to see the school growing as a centre of excellence in the Lucknow city.

Looking forward for your cooperation.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely
Ashish Masih
Father of Serena Masih -II B

My two sons namely Master MS DEVANAND and Master MS RAJ ANAND are studying in your "THE GREAT MILLENNIUM SCHOOL" in class IV and class I respectively. Im proud to say that they are the students of your school. Under your able guidance and leadership they learnt many things other than their routine syllabus.

When we came to Lucknow on posting from Udhampur we handed over our kids to you for upbringing. Im happy to say that you impressed us by meeting our needs beyond our expectation Me and my wife being Army Officers bound to get transfers every third year.

Today im pained to say that we have been transferred to Bathinda Military Station and we are moving to Bathinda shortly.I was surprised to know that my kids are ready to stay in hostel to continue their education in your school.

I belive the magic is in your hands. I request to kindly issue Transfer Certificate for both of them on 30th Mar. MY wife will contact you for the same. The only consolation is Bathinda is also having the branch of THE MILLENNIUM.

We are thankful to you and all the teachers of THE MILLENNIUM LUCKNOW forever for putting our children in right path and teaching them to have ccofidence in themselves.I remember the words of Abraham Lincoln

"Teach him to have sublime faith in himself, because then he will always have sublime faith in mankind, in God."

Yours sincerely,

Warm greetings!

The subject matter refers.

It is with sincere gratitude that we, the parents of Mathias, Mark and Michelle Oundo, have towards the school administration, the Principal and teachers alike. of The Millennium School Lucknow, and all the fraternity of the school.

As we leave India as duty calls, we do so with fond memories of luck now, which reverberate most from the loving, caring and nurturing mentoring that our children received from their school. The millennium School, lucknow.

Starting from the ambience of the school, to the curriculum, which was all encompassing, has made our children noticeably grow into confident, joyful, and respectful students. The co curricular activities too, Vis a Vis. Music and dance, were enjoyed to the fullest by our children. Shooting range was also enjoyed by ou: eldest son Mathias.

We also congratulate the teachers of the school, in general. and particularly, the class teachers, those who taught our children, and their respective coordinators, for their dedication, personalized attention, and their commitment to our children, to achieve their best in academics and otherwise. They were always ready to take phone call and have meetings with us regarding the children in all the occasions that we needed to. To them, a big heartfelt gratefulness we send.

We will surely keep the memories of this school close at heart, and will not hesitate to recommend it to colleagues and others, any time. Words only, are all we can use to express our genuine appreciation for the reception to your school and all the benefits received thereof, but most of all, we pray to Almighty God that He may continue to shower you all with blessings and success, that the school. with all the students, teaching and non teaching staff, with grow to reach greater heights!


Yours Sincerely,
Lawrence Oundo and family
Lawrence Oundo.
Operations Manager.

UNICEF Office for Uttar Pradesh.
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Uttar Pradesh, India.
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