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Dear Sir,
My son Arjun Swani is a student of 6-B. I am writing this mail to report how satisfied I am with the progress the school has made in the past few months.

  • I am happy to state that all my son's teachers are very proficient in the subjects they are teaching. My only apprehension is that the teachers do not keeping changing as frequently as they did in the past as it is difficult for the children to adapt to new teachers.
  • Class room teaching has become very systematic and thus more effective.
  • The children are being trained well by the coaches in various sports and I look forward to the school teams participating in inter school competitions.
  • Initiatives like TDP programme,School Cinema,Literary Club,Animation,Abacus etc. are very welcome and the teachers responsible for them are very efficient. However I look forward to the children visiting the library more often and having a teacher who can truly inspire them to read more. Also the parents would appreciate the incorporation of various learning programmes like Vedic Maths and Kumon in school.
  • The co-circular activities are being conducted in a manner that children are not only enjoying them but actually acquiring the skills being imparted to them.
  • Because of the various oppurtunities being provided for public speaking like debates and conducting assembly my son's self confidence has improved tremendously

I am sure that under your able guidance the school will show further progress and will soon be rated as one of the top most schools of India.
Yours sincerely,
Jasdeep Swani



Dear Sir,
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank The Millennium School, Amritsar for bringing positive changes in my son, Aniruddh Arora, IV-A.
He has been in this school for a little more than one year. The stress on concept learning instead of rote learning has helped him understand and assimilate concepts in a much better manner. The encouragement he gets for taking part in stage programs has helped him to be more confident. Not only has he started speaking better English, he sometimes surprises me by thinking in English! He has become more computer savvy and even surprised me one day by showing me some animations he made for me!
I thank The Millennium School, Amritsar for helping my son give me such pleasant surprises !
I'd also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention towards two things my son still lacks. These are ‘good reading habits’ and ‘more stress on physical sports/fitness’. I’m sure the school can devise a plan to encourage the children a little more in these.
Best regards,
Rajiv Arora.


Respected Sir,
This is in regards of the feedback asked by the school management for the academic session, administration of school, teaching staff, extracurricular activities and up gradation of our childs in last one and half year,
Myself Praveen Mehta is the father of Krishan Mehta and Swati mehta studying in TMS since last one and half year..After shifting from Patiala to Amritsar our major concern was to choose a good school for our children, After researching too many school we came to TMS and gone through the future plan they are having for our children, The presentation given by the staff and the confidence they have shown for upbringing our children was fantastic,
Again after analyzing the cost and benefits we took a final decision to admit our both the children in TMS
Story of 1year 4 month
Management of Administration Staff…
Admission FeeThe process of admission fee was wonderful. The amount which was committed in the presentation was same and there was no hidden charges like other private school.....which shown a great loyalty of school management.
AdministrationsA great sense of responsibility is seen when somebody from Transport dep't visited our residence and given his personal number.....advised us and downloaded the time,stop for drop and pick up of child…
AcademicThe sense of responsibility and a mentor for every child/class has proven the commitment for upbringing our children, My son is a ventilator child and needs extra care. He is slow in picking up the things compare to the normal children's.....but the sincere efforts put by the Mrs. Rohini has supported us a lot. And now my son is so confident that he represented school in many functions and he openly discussed any matter which was not possible one year back.
Thanks a lot Dear Mam.....
SportsYou take the name and sport is there.....TMS has tried not only to bring all the sports on one platform of TMS but also taken care of the QUALITY for which this is known.....Every child has to take part compulsorily.....Our child has started taking interest in SWIMMING,CRICKET,MUSIC,BADMINTON,PLAY.....etc etc…THANKS To Jaspreet Walia who always guided us and helped us in time whenever required..which support us a lot to attach with TMS, They guide us to take right decision on the right time.....
Many more things like management of Books, Dress ,Quality ,neat and clean atmosphere..IP period support to child are the qualities which is able to impress any parents to seek the admission in TMS and take the BEST call for their children
Thanks & regards
Praveen Mehta
f/o Krishan Mehta Class IV & Swati Mehta Class II


Dear Sir,
I would like to begin by thanking you for bringing about changes to the likes and satisfaction of the parents.There were many doubts and misunderstandings building up in our minds around september/october last year .We were on the verge of doubting our own decisions of making our children join The Millennium School,Amritsar. Until, we saw some CHANGES..............
The time when you joined the school sir, many parents were in a fix. We wanted to stand on terra firma but the soil beneath her feet seemed to slip away. And suddenly many of us felt that someone, somewhere is trying to make things stand back on firm grounds. Yes, sir and that someone is you ,pulling everyone together back again to move forward ,steps ahead to make THE MILLENNIUM SCHOOL not only a name but an institutional being .Infact, i would not hesitate addressing the school as SHE as you brought life to the the school.
It is immense pleasure to know that the place where you send extensions of your own self for education , there is willingness of the leader and his team to listen to the apprehensions and the problems of the parents .I request you sir to always continue to do so.
You were subjected to a volley of problems and I personally would like to congratulate you in making efforts to solve most of them. Sir, the Coffee with the Parents on tuesdays and thursdays is also very innovative and progressive for the school, as being a parent I always know that whenever I have any query ,a problem I need not call up the authorities to take appointments as we all know that the principal is reserved on tuesdays and thursday mornings for the parents.That is brilliant as only a mind who is not tired of listening to complaints would adhere to such an idea. This is a reflection of your personality of willingness to bring about the right changes for the welfare of the children.
Sir, thank you once again for being an intergral part of THE MILLENNIUM SCHOOL, AMRITSAR.
Best Regards,
Mrs Tina Sajdeh