Principal’s Message

It is an immense pleasure for me to welcome you to The Millennium School Amritsar.

I feel privileged to lead such a wonderful educational endeavour that offers enormous opportunities to students

We are proud of our caring, inclusive ethos where we set high standards and expectations from everyone, be it a teacher or a student connected with TMSA to achieve their very best. We aim for all to be happy and to be challenged in a supportive and safe environment. In TMSA we aspire to develop well rounded individuals who demonstrate resilience, determination and strength of character.

We equip our students with 21st century skills required to access increased opportunities therefore enhancing their life chances.

We strive to have an aspirational educator community that engages with all parents and society.

Our academic curriculum (MLS) is carefully designed to engage, inspire and provide students with the necessary skills to flourish in an ever-changing world. MLS is complemented with wide range of activities and sports engagements to enrich their social lives.

We fully realize that learning happens in leisure. It is in that leisure that we sow a seed of responsibility and make them accountable to their actions. We enable them to understand that freedom comes with a rider of responsibility.

While aiming for world class means of LIVELIHOOD for them, we facilitate a process through which our students understand that it is the quality LIFE they are ultimately working towards to make this World a beautiful place to live on for posterity! As always, I feel that effective communication between school personnel and families is a critical component for fostering successful academic performance. Any time you have questions or concerns, you can call or you can e-mail our teachers, coordinators or administrators.