Parents’ Speak

Parents’ Speak

Remarks given by the Parents


We had never thought the online classes to be so much productive and interesting as well. We thank TMS for coming out with so much innovativeness and that too at the very start of the situation. Now other schools are also following the same online teaching methods. The utter dedication of teachers while teaching can be clearly felt. I am very honest to say that there is no or little difference in the current type of learning for my daughter.
Mrs. Monika Arora
Parent of Ashmita, Class IX


I, as a parent appreciate the efforts made by the school as well as teachers. The online classes are of great help to the students. Moreover, they have kept our children engaged in studies as well as in other activities. I value the efforts and concern of all the staff of the school. Thanks TMSB.
Parent of Jhanvi, Class IX


It gives me immense pleasure to get a chance to appraise the efforts of the entire staff of TMS Bathinda during COVID-19, a very rare and sensitive situation. I really appreciate the burning potential of all faculty members who are doing their best to educate our children. I am glad to thank the leader, the Principal Mrs. Sangeeta  Saxena, the coordinators and specially all faculty members who are engaging children in productive and constructive operations. Last but not the least, I would like to thank the class facilitatorMrs. Mohanjeet Kaur, who is coordinating with all faculty members and helping our kids to work efficiently. THANKS with Regards
Dr.Sarbjeet Kaur Dhillon .            
Mother of Gurmanpreet Singh VII A


Ever since opening up in 2010, TMSB has always made us proud in all its ways. Although, I have always cherished my association with the school, but at this crucial time when the whole world is going through such a crisis; TMSB faculty has left no stone unturned to make sure academics do not suffer even a bit. The facilitators are always on their toes to deliver the best possible; be it through regular online classes, remedial classes or motivating students for creative and constructive activities. I congratulate you all for the same and feel proud to be a TMSB parent of two. Hat's off to your hard work.
Preeti Sarvari Dhillon.
Mother of Reet Dhillon VIII B


First of all, I thank TMSB for the efforts they are putting in for the benefit of their students during these tough times.The kids were getting bored, always glued to mobile or TV. and we, as parents, kept on worrying about their ill effects on health, the wastage of time etc. However, TMSB resolved all our concerns by starting virtual classes. Now the kids are busy in their studies. The facilitators plan their lessons in such an excellent and interesting way that the kids are left with no doubts. The school is even running Remedial Classes. Hats off to the facilitators!!! No one could have done it better. They are concentrating not only on academics, but co- curricular activities also, bringing out the creative self of the kids. Now the kids follow a disciplined schedule and are away from the idiot box and its cousin.
One thing that bothered me was the long screening hours the kids would be exposed to. However, TMSB seems to have thought of everything. There is ample gap between two classes. Really, so considerate and thoughtfulness of the TMSB administration. I appreciate and thank whole of the TMSB staff for this. It is their collective efforts which are bringing such results.
Deepti Garg.
Mother of Anika Garg, VII C


Online Classes is a very unique and wonderful experience. Teachers are doing their best job to serve our children. We are well aware how much efforts teachers put in to each child during class. A big thanks for your hard work for helping my children. Teachers’ commitment and patience during online classes is unaccountable. Proud to be a part of The Millennium Family.
Mamta Aggarwal
Parent of Rshit  VIIB


Myself Sunita Gupta parent of Jahnvi of class 10 B want to share my views regarding the online classes that are being conducted by the school to keep pace with the syllabus. The initiative taken by the school is really commendable. It’s a really good idea to teach students through digital means. It’s beneficial for all the students as they can study from their home. I, as a parent think that it is helping the students really well to understand all the concepts.
Jahnvi - 10 B


Really great efforts are being done by all the teachers. Children are now engaged in doing their homework and activities. I Feel proud to be a part of TMSB. Teachers give up their personal and family time to grade papers, prepare lessons and conduct meetings. Their extra work means a lot to children. Salute to all teachers
Mother name Nisha Thakur
Aayush Thakur of 7 C


Whatever the situation may be, howsoever tough the times are, TMSB teachers have been exemplary, in their efforts and hard work. We, as parents appreciate the whole staff and management for the smooth and well-managed execution of delivering education even when the schools are closed.
Dr. Pooja Gupta
Mother of Soham & Saumaya - 8 B


In these apprehensive times of covid 19 when whole human race is fighting against fear and uncertainty for its existence, I would like to give thanks from my heart to the Principal, teachers and all staff who are burning midnight oil to give their best through this new mode of teaching i.e. online classes.
I know its quite difficult for teachers to adapt to new ways of teaching, that have changed overnight, but teaching has always been a profession of great passion and hence they have evolved and developed this process of teaching from time to time according to the ever changing norms and requirements of our society.
Thank all the Millennium staff and experts who are behind all this hard work of organising and conducting these classes smoothly from last one month.
You guys have done a tremendous job!
Millennium has proved once again that nothing could have been better for my kids than Millennium school itself.
Dr. Shweta Garg
Mother of Jia Garg, IX


We really appreciate the proactive steps taken by the Millennium School Bathinda in organizing online classes, assignments, competitions and counselling session for the children in these difficult times. So, I would like to say thanks to all millennium staff for their hard work. We know it is very difficult for teachers to take online classes but they are trying their best. Thanks for everything.
Anil Bansal and Beeru Bansal
Sahil's parents, class 9th -A 


We are very much satisfied with the online classes being conducted by the facilitators. We appreciate the efforts of the teachers and administration in these difficult times. Thanks  for your endeavours.
Father of Reva, XII


You all are working really hard at this point of time. TMSB has made learning more and more fun. The worksheets sent were very interesting. The videos and the solved questions sent by you all are praiseworthy. My daughter does the assignments with great enthusiasm. Efforts by you all are really commendable. Some more assignments encouraging reading and understanding of English stories, comprehensions andMathematicswould be great. At last I would like to say that TMSB is the best. Thanks
Mrs Amita Goel
Mother of Dhwani Goel VIII A


The initiative taken by teachers and TMSB is very nice. I really appreciate your new idea of online classes. Through this there will not be any loss of studies as well as it supports government orders too. You are encouraging the children to learn more. Teachers are like God for students and I am very happy that teachers are providing their services with full potential to students. Thank you teachers! It was really hard for students but you made it too easy.
Harjinder Kaur


Its a great initiative taken by TMSB, Bathinda.I thank all the teachers who are working very hard for their students.
Bestwishes. With Regards
Dr Raenee. (Ratanveer's mom)


TMSB family has always tried its best to make their students reach the zenith. There love for us is always lucid. Staff of TMSB is very diligent and congenial. I have no words to praise them and their work cannot be explained in words. In creative work, academics, sports and exploring, our TMSBathinda has put forth an initiative to win the first postition in every field. I believe this school is the best.
Mother of Prabhreet Kaur
Class X


Dear  Ma’am

It was a wonderful journey throughout the session. There were  many ups and downs  but all the teachers cooperated to their best and I sincerely appreciate all the efforts put in by them .My child admired and enjoyed with all the ‘gurus’ and hope the same continues in the coming session 
Thanks to all the teachers  for their unconditional love and support.
Mrs Anjali  Rawat
(Mother of Prisha Rawat)


Appreciation From Parent (01-03-2014)
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Appreciation From Parent (26-12-2011)
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Appreciation For Grand Parents Day (19-09-2011)
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Remarks given by the Parents on Parichay

"I am satisfied with the school. My child is doing well in school. I am so happy"
Mrs. Mukta

"I am happy to see my child's improvement"

"It is going well in school. I am very happy"

"On seeing the performance of my child I think chemistry between teachers & student is brilliant"

"I am satisfed that my child performs well. All-around development is taking place"

Class V A & B

"Umeed to bahut wadia".
Mr. Manjit Singh, F/O Asmi Chahal

"It was a good experience in parichay".
Mr. Vikas Aggarwal, F/O Aarya & Aryan

"Bahoot acha lageya".
Mr. Gurmeet Singh F/O Jastaj Singh

"I am still waiting for a good change in my child. I hope that soon there will be positive change in him".
Ms. Seema M/O Dhairya

"There is an improvement but still more written work is required".
Ms. Sarla M/O Agrim Garodia

"Child is very creative".
Mr. Malkit Singh F/O Nimrat

"Our child has improved. But still we wish more improvement and all round development of our child".
Mr. Rakesh Mittal F/O Rishav Mittal

"Please take care about writing skills".
Mr. Shivnandan Lal F/O Aakash Garg

"It is a very good experience".
Mr.Suresh Garg F/O Sheena Garg

"Well Done".
Mr. Rakesh Verma F/O Medha Verma

"I am satisfied with every one".
Ms. Jaspreet Kaur M/O Mehakpreet

"I am satisfied. Thanks to all".
Ms. Anita Singla M/O Dakshdeep

Parichay I Class

"My child has improved a lot at Millennium w.r.t writing skill, studies. Concentration, grasping and he takes interest in doing his work, teaching method has explored by child's inner strength & skill sets"
Nitin - Father of Rishon, Class I B.

Presentation on Parichay was very interactive & educative

"Latest teaching technique used by competent teachers, Quite satisfied. May God bless you"
Sukhminder Singh F/O Gurkirat Kaur

"We are very happy to see the improvement in our child and we are happy to see the education system, teaching methods and interests in the study. We expect our child s future to be the best"
Guriqbal Singh F/O Gurparvan Singh

"We are really very happy with the system of The Millennium School .May God bless the Millennium family and system"
Amandeep - Father of Mankirat Singh Sidhu, Class IA

"Presentation on Parichay was very interactive and interesting"
Ms. Deepinder M/O Japteshinder

"Regular feedback from teachers is very helpful. So far I am satisfied by TMS look and feel and the good work done by the school"
Gursharan Singh F/O Binwant Brar & Virjesh Brar

"I am very satisfied with the way of teaching. I am happy to see the improvement of my children"

Parichay attended by the parents of new students held on 23rd July 2011

Views shared by the parents.

"Excellent work by the school."

"Thanks for giving the presentation. It was informative and I am proud to be a part of Millennium family."

"Excellent guidance by the school."

"I am very proud that I have put my child in a word class school."

"Learning to touch hands."

"All the best."

"Learning system is very good."

"Proud to be a part of such a good organization."

"Your school is the best in Bathinda."

"Congratulations to all the staff members for the wonderful way of learning."

"It was a great interactive lesson."

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Remarks Given By The Parents on the Open House Parent Teacher Meet
(21 August 2010)

Developing Roots

"We are satisfied with the school."
Reet Dhillon

"I am very happy with this school. The child praises his teacher very much because of her motivation. He has learnt a lot in this school. We are no longer worried about his future. "
Tegnoor Singh

Emerging Wings (Tulips)

"His grandfather appreciated our system and wants to gift us a book of poems written by him, showing his gratitude towards the hard work and dedication shown by the school staff. "
Bhagatveer Singh

"He is learning a lot and he has started respecting the elders. "
Madhav Singla

"Teachers are doing well and we are also satisfied with the activities done in the school. "
Trizal Garg

"I am proud of your school. "
Hitesh Singh

Emerging Wings (Jasmines)

"Parents were very happy about the Coin-a-Day programme. They appreciated the values of caring, sharing and togetherness being inculcated. "
Nandini Gupta

"Thanks for caring and nourshing my child. "
Avreen Kaur

"Janhavi has improved a lot under your guidance. "
Janhvi Garg

"The staff and faculty are very caring. "
Keshav Sharma

"Your school and teachers are very nice towards the children. We are pleased that our child is in your good hands. "
Sahil Bansal

Ready to fly

" We are very thankful to the school team for giving our child a loving atmosphere. "
Gurparvan Singh

" We are very thankful to his teachers, they are very cooperative with my son. Thanks."
Japteshinder Singh

" Ma'am, we love you very much because you play the role of both a teacher as well as a mother. Thank You very much. God Bless You. "
Kuber Jindal

Class 1

"Thanks for giving him individual attention at school. We will try to do the same at home. "
Arjit Paul

"Child is picking up well, school environment is nice, I am sure by the year end, she will definetly start conversing in English. "
Riyaana Bhargava

" We are satisfied. "
Pushpjit Singh Lakhtia

Class 2

"Thanks for all the efforts put in. "
Jiana Kambo

"She is very happy and is enjoying a lot. "
Shinepreet Kaur

Class 3

"The school is beyond our expectation. "
Shubhkeerat Singh Sidhu

"We are satisfied with the progress. "

"The child is satisfied and so are we. "

Class 4

" The School is very good and the teachers are very caring. "
Mayank Garg

" The activities have increased & enhanced the learning process. "
Nimarpreet Kaur

"The system is very good. "
Palakpreet Kaur

"Thanks for your efforts. "
Speeha Arora

Class 5

"The school is doing a great job for the environment through its 'Go Green' Programmes. "
Diya Arora

"We are quite satisfied with the school and the teaching methodology. "
Iranshu Mittal

"The child has become more responsible. "
Ishaan Goyal

Class 6

"I am very happy with the system. "
Ajaywinder Singh

"I am satisfied with this school. "
Kamalpreet Singh

"We are happy with the way the students are taught in the school. "
Rutash Mangla