Principal’s Message

Welcome to TMS-Bathinda!

The year gone by has been a year of restructuring and strngthening in order to create a more dynamic and student centric organisation.Processes has been streamlined,standard operating procedures have been laid down and the school as a brand has acquired greater recall and robustness and we have progressed positively on academics and operationl performance matrix. The fundamentals are in place. We have successfully transitioned into one of the most sought after academic institutions.

Our school plays a vital role in producing empowered students to meet the demands of a fast changing global ecology.several innovative techniques,excellent team work and providing quality education to long term value installation has been our USP.There have been manifold achievements in various fields. IT initiatives of TMS have firmly placed us at the zenith of digital excellence.

Our glory in the sports landscape has been tremendous with National awards in Cricket, Shooting and International award in Taekwondo. We are continuously revising and updating our curriculum to keep pace with world. Our core values of discipline, holistic learning, value education, concern for society and environment are closely interwoven into the fiber our academic programmes. We intend to grow from strength to strength to help our students rule the world.

May the TMS-Bathinda banner keep flying high.

Sangeeta Saxena
Principal TMS-Bathinda