Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Post-modern education today is seen as a serious business since it deals with and shapes human beings. The quality of education is determined by the kind of humans it produces. Today education envisages to produce knowledge based society and not a literary society as in the past. Hence schooling has to come out of the normal set of boundaries and has to become multi-dimensional, thus meeting our need for quality education.

Keeping in view the above, at The Millennium School, Kurukshetra, our guiding philosophy is:

“…… every child has the basic right to enjoy his/her childhood; that each should be valued for his/her individuality& should be encouraged to develop the innate talents to their full potential, in a stimulating and caring environment.”

It is the avowed aim of the school to lay stress on the all-round development of the minds & personality of its students & more importantly to assist them in understanding that education confers responsibilities also & not privileges alone; to enthuse the students with generous instincts of concern, compassion, tolerance & respect for others.

It shall be our sincerest endeavour that on leaving school, children have developed the following:

  • Spiritual and moral values – integrity of character & sincerity of purpose
  • Requisite skills -- linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and social.
  • To foster the spirit of enquiry and a desire for knowledge.
  • Strong self-esteem & yet being a team player.

It would be most satisfying to have children carry with them fond memories of their years spent with us.

Dr. AK Singh