Talent Development Program

Talent Development Program

The Millennium School believes in providing a holistic learning experience to each child. Therefore, along with left brained activities like academics, right brained activities like art and craft, music, dance & theatre are also carried out in the school. Following are some of the activities that children can participate in to nurture their potential in art & craft, music, dance and theatre.

Art & craft

• Compositions

• Still Life

• Painting Techniques & Application of Colours

• Shading Techniques

• Oil Painting

• Paper Craft

• Collages

• Rangoli

• Sculpture/Clay Modelling

• Calligraphy

• Origami

• Flower Decoration

• Best out of Waste


• Indian light classical

• Folk dances

• Contemporary

• Free style, Hip-hop/salsa


• Nukkad natak

• Social drama

• Prassu theatre

• Chau


• Indian classical music vocal

• Indian classical music instrumental (melodic/percussion)

• Folk/ light music vocal

• Basic theory of Indian music

Western music vocal