Principal’s Message

Dear All,

On assuming office of the Principal of this prestigious Institution, it gives me immense pleasure to be a composite part of the team that shall endeavour to bring forth the very best in each of the child that forms the core reason for us to be a segment of the Millennium.

I have 24years of teaching experience, 17 of which has been with the Delhi Public School, Society, East of Kailash, Delhi (09 years as member of senior teaching faculty at DPS R.K.Puram and the last 08 years as Principal of DPS Meerut). I look forward to an opportunity to bring forth an amalgamation of fertile minds to see the future citizenry of this country, pass through these portals as flagbearers of the dreams and aspirations of parents who have invested their faith and trust in us, for this onerous task.

In Hindu philosophy, we say, “Pitru Devo Bhava, Matru Devo Bhava, Atithi  Devo Bhava, Guru Devo Bhava”. Teachers and mothers complement their roles such that where the mother ends her activity as you leave for school, the teacher or Guru takes over. They form a seamless combination and if one is fortunate to get the best of them like Kunti and Dronacharya, we would have Pandavas by the hundreds. That they are not there tells us how tough it is to get a Kunti or Kausalya or Yashoda for a mother and a Drona for a Guru. To give you a sample of this relationship,

A Teacher is the mother’s avatar at school and as in a relay, he or she takes the role further where the Mother leaves.

# While the Mother familiarises the child on the role of the Father, The Guru presents the Heavenly Father to the pupil.

# Because of Mother, we are bequeathed with the world as a gift. The teacher moulds us to be a gift to the world.

# Mother makes us “Saakshma”, while the Guru gets us to be “saarthak”.

# Mother gives us the ability to get a worldly view while the Guru institutes and prepares us to be viewed by the world.

# Mother is the first Guru while the Guru is the second “Maa”.

We hope to create an environment, at the Millennium, wherein, the child does not find the daily transition from home to school and back, jarring. Between the preceptor and the provider, you as the mother, at home, the child really looks forward, each day to be with us.

On this note, we shall endeavour to give every child a springboard to tune and hone their skills and take on the challenges that they shall have to face, once they step out, on graduation. We are indeed blessed to be a part of the culture which is rich in its repertoire with glorious examples and case studies to draw strength and translate into our daily tasks. A judicious mix of the old and new is just the prescription that our children need and we shall strive to provide.

Let us humbly pay our obeisance to our Gurus and consider ourselves to be Blessed by their presence in our life. May they support us all the way!

Jai Hind!!

Ms. Savita Chadha